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Workshop for Teachers

This workshop for teachers followed a previous workshop held in Athens in May 2015. Its primary focus was on a topic that was suggested by feedback from the May workshop: 'making construals from scratch'.

The resources for this workshop are best understood as complementing the resources for the May workshop. These resources are to be used in conjunction with the environment for making construals at the link:

The links in Sessions 1 and 2 are to text files: copy-and-paste these into the JS-EDEN Script Input Window and press 'Submit'.

17.00 Introduction to the CONSTRUIT! project and team (DA)

17.10 Session 1: Introduction to making construals - a simple construal of a purse (SBR).

17.30 Session 2: Making a construal from scratch: from purse to vending machine - my first construal (WMB)

18.30 Session 3: Experimenting with construals: Hex Colouring, the Light Box, Nim - see the JS-EDEN Project List.

19.30 Discussion and feedback (PK)

20.00 Close