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The focus for the second year of the CONSTRUIT! project is on the third and fourth claims concerning qualities of making construals. These are concerned with making construals in a collaborative fashion and attaching instrumentation to assist monitoring and assessment. The learning activities associated with year 2 are as follows:

  • C2 - Athens, Greece September 19-23, 2015
  • C6 - Warwick, UK December 12-16, 2015
  • C15 - Athens, Greece April 15-19, 2016
  • C9 - Joensuu, Finland: May 12-16 to include SciFest May 12-14, 2016 (see the SciFest homepage)
    • C9 is a scheduled project meeting that will take place in the period May 14-16.
    • Wednesday May 11 will be set aside for preparation of the CONSTRUIT! activities at SciFest.

The following link outlines the status of the prototype open online course as of the end of year 1, and highlights miscellaneous resources developed in the course of year 1.

With reference to the project proposal, the main agenda items for Year 2 are:

  • MC2a. Collaborative construal construction
  • MC2b. Instrumenting construals for interactive assessment and evaluation

and the roles of the learning activities C2, C6, C9 and C15 are as set out in the summary of project activities.