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Plans for final year of CONSTRUIT!

OOC for teachers - aimed at CAS in the first instance

  • linked to the AQA wikibook with Peter Kemp: select topics - interactive demos? Dijkstra Shortest Path algorithm / FSMs / Sorting
  • focus on implementing practically useful OERs via construals

Already have some possible candidate examples, riffing off existing CAS resources, that could be the basis for the introductory / accompanying wrapper:

  • Gary Shearn's Sorting
  • Conway's Life [cf. FP from Spivey, Wolfram Alpha]
  • Melanie Dennig [Maths for REs - basic set theory]
  • Freeman [BBC Basic solar system cf. Ant's version]
  • Are you Ready? discussion

MCE work

  • Walkthrough - OXO Laboratory
  • Nick's updates:
    fix scopng bugs / additional when-iteration / new alternative syntax for 'with' / new parser
  • Documentation - Jonny Foss's videos PGA
  • Tapani and Arduinolas variant


  • PPIG [potentially serious revision]
  • iTAG [finishing off]
  • Arduino paper for the Edurobotics conference keynote [Ashley Ward, Manolis, Tapani]
  • Napier chessboard construal to complete.


  • Final conference to plan and set up [contacts to be made]
  • ALT-C (Warwick) September 6-8
    Session 1407 Wednesday 7th September (Day 2)
            A 'Create' Panel/Symposium session
            Ensemble [Room] (Arts [Centre]) 14.15 - 15.30
            Exploring the educational implications of 'making construals'
            Wiliam Beynon, Steve Russ, Piet Kommers, Hamish Macleod,
            Rene Alimisi, Ilkka Jormanainen, Russell Boyatt, Emma King
  • PPIG (Cambridge) September 7-10
  • M3/C3 (Finland) September 11-15
  • ICL conference (Belfast) September 21-23


  • flights to Finland
  • travel to PPIG
  • registration iTAG and PPIG