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CADNO is a definitive notation for 3D graphics.

(A 3D display in tkeden)

CADNO is described in the following publications. Unfortunately we do not currently have a working implementation.

  • W.M. Beynon (1988) A definitive programming approach to the implementation of CAD software (EM paper 013)
  • Richard Cartwright (1994) A definitive approach to solid modelling computer aided design encapsulating R-functions (Third year project)
  • Alan Cartwright (1994) Application of Definitive Scripts to CACD (PhD thesis)
  • Richard Cartwright (1999) Geometric Aspects of Empirical Modelling: Issues in Design and Implementation (PhD thesis)
  • W.M. Beynon, Richard Cartwright and Alan Cartwright (???) Abstract Geometry for Design in an Empirical Modelling Context (CS-RR-319) (from which the image above is taken)