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Definitive notations

The Empirical Modelling research group has designed several definitive notations over the years. The term "definitive" was a pun on "definition-based" from 1986 that stuck. Most of these notations are implemented within the EDEN software tool. See the Introduction: Notes on definitive notations document for more details about what constitutes a definitive notation.

Acronym Design date Author Name
ARCA 1983 Beynon, Fahranak Aid for the Realisation of Combinatorial Artefacts / named after Arthur Cayley (1821-1895)
DoNaLD 1986 Beynon, Angier, Bissell and Hunt A Definitive Notation for Line Drawing (2D graphics)
CADNO 1988 Beynon, A.Cartwright Computer-Aided Design NOtation (3D graphics)
SCOUT 1989 S.Yung Definitive notation for SCreen LayOUT (GUI window layout)
EDDI 1996 Truong, Beynon EDEN Database Definition Interpreter
Sasami 2000 Carter 3D graphics for EDEN (named after an Anime character)
AOP 2005 Brown, Care and Harfield A definitive notation for interfacing with the Agent Oriented Parser