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The empublic archive is a UNIX file directory (/dcs/emp/empublic) that was set up by Ashley Ward in 2001 in an attempt to organise some of the electronic data used by the Empirical Modelling project. It is named "empublic" because it is a re-working of an older, more hierarchically organised directory created by Meurig Beynon and Simon Yung, /dcs/acad/wmb/public.

The web system available at (created by Ashley Ward in April 2002, with assistance from Chris Roe and Meurig Beynon) provides access to parts of the empublic directory. It is intended to be useful for access from machines that do not mount the /dcs filesystems (both local laptops and machines outside Warwick).

Comments are very welcome: please email

Note to research group members: see Ashley's Notes on empublic for some more details on background to the empublic web system.