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!donaldWard2003 !donald Ashley Ward 11-Dec-2003 software PhD
3doxoRoe2001 3D OXO Chris Roe Jun-2001 model PhD
agentparserBrown2001 Agent-based parsing system in Eden Chris Brown May-2001   3YP
agentparserHarfield2003 Agent-oriented Parser Antony Harfield May-2003 model, component 3YP
antnavigationKeer2005 Modelling Navigation and Landmarking in Ants Daniel Keer 1-Apr-2005 model 3YP
antnavigationKeer2010 Modelling Navigation and Landmarking in Ants Daniel Keer 8-Jul-2010 model 3YP
arcaBird1991 Arca translator Stuart Bird May-1991 software 3YP
arcaWard2002 Arca translator Ashley Ward 19-Aug-2002 software PhD
asylumCunningham2004 The Asylum David Cunningham Apr-2004 software 3YP
attributeexplorerRoe2000 Attribute Explorer (General Version) Chris Roe Feb-2000 model PhD
attributeexplorernnRoe2000 Attribute Explorer (With Non-numeric types) Chris Roe Feb-2000 model PhD
backroomWard2002 Back room planning Ashley Ward 21-Jan-2002 model PhD
beamdetectorRoe2004 Beam Detector Chris Roe Feb-2004 model PhD
beetlesLam1993 Beetles Nam Sang Benny Lam Sep-1993 model 3YP
billiardsCarter1999 Billiards with 3d visualisation Ben Carter May-1999 model 3YP
billiardsMoissenkov1999 Billiards (Layered) Alexei Moissenkov Aug-1999 model Summer
billiardsYung1996 Billiards Simon Yung Jun-1996 model  
blankpresentationWard2002 Blank Presentation Ashley Ward 21-Aug-2002 model, presentation PhD
bolzanoBeynon1994 Bolzano Curve Meurig Beynon May-1994 model  
bubblesortBeynon1998 Bubblesort Meurig Beynon Feb-1998 model Acad
cabinetdigitBeynon1990 Cabinet digit visual pun Meurig Beynon Apr-1990 model Acad
cabinetdigitpresBeynon2007 cabinetdigitpresBeynon2007 Meurig Beynon Apr-2007 presentation Acad
carhistoryWood1995 Car History James Wood May-1995 model 3YP
carouselFrancis2000 Carousel definition files for digital TV Rhys Francis Sep-2000 model Summer
carparkingsimMcHale2003 Car Parking Simulator Jon McHale May-2003 model, software, tool development 3YP
catflapWard1997 Cat Flap Ashley Ward Dec-1997 model MScM
catflapYung1994 Cat flap LSD and ADM specs Simon Yung 1994   PhD
claytontunnelChan2005 ClaytonTunnel Java Frontend Eric Chan 5-May-2005 model, software PhD
claytontunnelChanHarfield2005 ClaytonTunnel Model Eric Chan 4-Aug-2005 model, software PhD
claytontunnelSun1999 Clayton Tunnel Railway Accident Simulation Patrick Sun Jul-1999   PhD
claytontunnelWoodforth2000 Clayton Tunnel - 3D VRML views Jonathan Woodforth May-2000   3YP
clockBeynon2001 Clock Meurig Beynon 2001 model Acad
cogRoe1999 Coordinate Geometry (COG) Chris Roe 1-Sep-1999 model MScD
complexGardner1999 Complex numbers Simon Gardner Aug-1999 model Summer
conformalNovak1999 Conformal Mapping Ana Novak Aug-1999 model Summer
connect4Roe2003 Connect 4 Chris Roe 2-Sep-2003 model PhD
conveyancingForster2002 Modelling of Legal Processes Henry Forster 1-May-2002 model 3YP
cricketscoringPether2006 Cricket scoring via PDA-style interface Chris Pether 2006 model, cricket 3YP
cricsimPownall1993 Prototype ADM cricket simulation Nick Pownall May-1993 model MScD
cruisechTran1995 Extending the cruise control model C.B.Tran May-1995 model 3YP
cruisecontrolBridge1991 Cruise Control Ian Bridge 1991 model  
cruisecontrolPavelin2002 Cruise control interface improvements Joanna Pavelin May-2002 model 3YP
cubesymWong2001 Animating symmetries of a cube Allan Wong Jan-2001 model PhD
definitivedmWard2001 Definitive Definition Maintainer Ashley Ward 4-Apr-2001 model PhD
denotaMeziani1987 Denota Samia Meziani Dec-1987 software MScR
digitalwatchCartwright1995 Digital Watch and Chess Clocks Richard Cartwright 1995 model PhD
digitalwatchFischer1999 Digital Watch Carlos Fischer Aug-1999 model  
digitalwatchRoe2001 Digital Watch Chris Roe Jan-2001 model PhD
dishwasherWong2002 Dishwasher Allan Wong 3-Sep-2002 model PhD
dmtHarfield2006 Dependency Viewer Antony Harfield 2006 model, component PhD
dmtWong2003 The Dependency Modelling Tool (DMT) Allan Wong Jan-2003 model, software PhD
draughtsRawles1997 Draughts Simon Rawles Apr-1997 model 3YP
drawScoutAdaptationsKing2004 drawScout adaptations Karl King May-2004 tool 3YP
drawScoutKing2004 drawScout Karl King May-2004 tool 3YP
drawSlideKing2004 drawSlide Karl King 2005 tool MScR
eddipTruong1996 EDDIP S.V.Truong May-1996 software 3YP
eddipWard2000 EDDIP Ashley Ward Nov-2000 software PhD
eddirTruong1996 EDDIR S.V.Truong May-1996 software 3YP
edenSlideKing2004 edenSlide Karl King 2005 tool  
emeWong2001 Empirical Modelling Environment Allan Wong Jan-2001 software PhD
emfcsBeynon1997 EM for Concurrent Systems Meurig Beynon 1997 presentation, website  
emhttpdWard1999 EMHTTPD Ashley Ward Sep-1999 model, software PhD
empeHarfield2007 Presentation Environment Antony Harfield 8-Nov-2007 model, presentation PhD
fdl3Hussain2001 Monotone boolean functions (3 variables) Bibi Hussain Apr-2001 model 3YP
fdl4Beynon2002 Monotone boolean functions in 4 variables Meurig Beynon 19-Aug-2002 model Acad
footballTurner2000 Five a side Football Neil Turner May-2000   3YP
fractionsCronick2003 Fractional Relationship and Equivalence helper Alison Cronick May-2003 model 3YP
gameLui1997 Generic Application Modelling in Eden (GAME) Yvonne Lui 1997 model 3YP
gcdBeynon2002 Greatest Common Divisor in a spreadsheet Meurig Beynon 17-Jul-2002 model Acad
gelHarfield2006 The %angel notation Antony Harfield 27-Oct-2006 notation PhD
gelgraphHarfield2008 GEL Graph Extension Antony Harfield 3-Mar-2008 component  
graphEfstathiou2006 C-Graph notation George Efstathiou Jun-2006 software, Definitive Notation  
graphicspresHarfield2007 Graphics Presentation using 3D Room Antony Harfield 1-Mar-2007 model, presentation PhD
gridSaddique2006 Grid Performance with tkeden Kamran Saddique Mar-2006 model, paper, software, presentation 4YM
heapsortBeynon1998 Heapsort Meurig Beynon May-1998 model Acad
heapsortBeynon2008 Heapsort Meurig Beynon May-2008 model Acad
heapsortextendRun-bol2001 Heapsort Extensions Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol Jan-2001 model PhD
introtodeppresentRoe2002 A presentation that introduces dependency Chris Roe 17-Jul-2002 model, presentation PhD
introtoempresentWard2002 An introduction to EM presentation Ashley Ward 23-Apr-2002 model, presentation PhD
jam2Cartwright2001 JaM 2 Richard Cartwright 2001 software PhD
javaadmHeron2002 JaM2 ADM Timothy Heron Aug-2002 software MScR
javadraughtsHeron2002 Java Draughts Timothy Heron May-2002 model, software MScR
javavccsHeron2002 Java Cruise Control Timothy Heron Aug-2002 model, software MScR
jedenGehring1999 jeden Dominic Gehring Mar-1999 software PhD
jigsawButcher2003 A Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly Environment James Butcher May-2003 model 3YP
jpworldDupont2002 JPWorld Jean-Pierre Dupont May-2002 software 3YP
jugsBeynon1988 Jugs Meurig Beynon 1988 model acad
jugsBeynon2008 Revised JUGS model Meurig Beynon Jan-2008 model Acad
jugsPavelin2002 Interface improvements for Jugs Joanna Pavelin May-2002 model 3YP
jugsextensionsRun-bol2002 Jugs extensions Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol Mar-2002 model PhD
jugspresentationKing2005 Jugs Presentation Karl King May-2005 model, presentation MScR
kaleidoscopeBeynon2005 Kaleidoscope Showcase - The RADICAL Project Meurig Beynon 6-Jul-2005 model, presentation, poster  
krustyRoe2002 KRUSTY the Clown Chris Roe 4-Mar-2002   PhD
liftBeynon2003 Lift model of Netherlands scenario Meurig Beynon 2-Oct-2003 model Acad
liftHarfield2005 Lift model Antony Harfield 10-Oct-2005 model PhD
linesBeynon1991 Lines Meurig Beynon 1991 model Acad
logoEdwards2000 LOGO Gavin Edwards May-2000 model 3YP
logoparserRoe2002 Logo Parser Chris Roe 20-Feb-2002   PhD
lsmpresentationWard2001 LSM Presentation: EM for graphics with tkeden Ashley Ward 4-Jul-2001 model, presentation PhD
mbf4Beynon2003 Monotone Boolean Functions in 4 variables Meurig Beynon Jun-2003 model Acad
mdsPackwood1991 Systolic array for multiplication Roger Packwood Oct-1991 model  
minesweeperDilkes1999 Minesweeper James Dilkes May-1999 model 3YP
modelrailwayRose2004 Railway2 (hardware extended) Christopher Rose Mar-2004 model, hardware  
musicWai2000 Music program David Wai May-2000 model 3YP
musicscoreexptWard1999 Music Score experimentation Ashley Ward Nov-1999 component PhD
nebulaHeron2002 Nebula Timothy Heron Aug-2002 model, software, presentation MScR
numbersRun-bol2002 Numbers model Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol Feb-2002 model PhD
oasysprivilegesWard2000 OASYS Privileges Ashley Ward 24-Jan-2000 model PhD
othelloYap2003 Othello Wern Kai Yap May-2003 model 3YP
oxoGardner1999 OXO Simon Gardner Aug-1999 model Summer
oxoJoy1994 OXO Mike Joy Jan-1994 model Acad
pjawnsMartin2003 Pjawns John Martin 15-Jan-2003 model 4YM
planarcomputeRun-bol2001 Planar Computability of Monotone Boolean Functions Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol May-2001 model PhD
planimeterCare2004 Planimeter Models Charles Care Apr-2004 model 3YP
planimeterCare2005 Planimeter Models Charles Care Feb-2005 model PhD
platonicsolidsBirch2001 Platonic Solids Helen Birch May-2001 model 3YP
projecttimetableBeynon1996 Third year project oral timetabling Meurig Beynon Jun-1996 model Acad
projecttimetableKeen2000 Third year project oral timetabling Chris Keen 2000 model 3YP
projecttimetableKing2004 Timetabling Karl King 2004 model 3YP
pyraminxRoe2001 Pyraminx Chris Roe Aug-2001 model PhD
racingGardner1999 Racing Cars Simon Gardner Aug-1999 model Summer
railwayYung1995 Train and Railway Simon Yung 1995 model Acad
ratRoe2003 Relational Algebra Tutor Chris Roe 4-Sep-2003 model PhD
restaurantHutchings2005 Restaurant Simulation Benjamin Hutchings 1-Apr-2005 model 3YP
restaurantRoe2000 Restaurant Simulation Chris Roe Feb-2000 model PhD
roadsysGardner1999 Road Systems Simon Gardner Aug-1999 model Summer
roadtrafficStein2005 Road Traffic Jeremy Stein Jun-2005 model 3YP
room3dMacDonald1998 Room Viewer 3D Andy MacDonald 1998 model 3YP
room3dsasamiCarter1999 Sasami 3D room visualisation Ben Carter May-1999 model 3YP
roomYung1989 Room Edward Yung 1989 model MScR
roomviewerYung1989 Room viewer Edward Yung 1989 oldref  
roomviewerYung1991 Room viewer Simon Yung 1991 model PhD
rseRoe2003 Robotic Simulation Environment Chris Roe Jul-2003 model PhD
rubiksCarter1999 Rubiks Cube Ben Carter May-1999 model 3YP
sandHarfield2003 Systolic Arrays (Sand) Antony Harfield May-2003 model  
sandSockett1992 Sand Patrick Sockett 1992 model 3YP
sasamiexamplesCarter1999 Sasami examples Ben Carter May-1999   3YP
sasamiprimitivesKnight2007 Sasami Primitives Examples Andy Knight 28-Jan-2007 model 4YM
scicsYung1995 SCICS Simon Yung Feb-1995 software  
scoutexamplesWong2000 Scout Examples Allan Wong Sep-2000 component PhD
semcricMahmood2002 SemCric Nassar Mahmood May-2002 model 3YP
sisyphusNess1996 Sisyphus Paul Ness 1996 model  
spreaddemoMaad1996 Simple spreadsheet demo Soha Maad Oct-1996    
spreadsheetRoe2002 A generalised spreadsheet Chris Roe May-2002 model PhD
sqleddiBeynon2001 The SQLEDDI environment Meurig Beynon Nov-2001   Acad
sqleddiBeynon2002 The SQLEDDI environment Meurig Beynon Oct-2002   Acad
sqleddiWard2003 The SQLEDDI environment Ashley Ward Jul-2003 model, presentation PhD
sqleddiextensionsSvensson2003 Extensions to SQLEDDI Conor Svensson May-2003 model 3YP
subethaesynGorochowski2003 SubEthaEdit syntax highlighting Thomas Gorochowski 15-Dec-2003 software 4YM
sudokuEfstathiou2006 Extended Sudoku model George Efstathiou Jun-2006 model  
sudokuKing2006 Sudoku Karl King 2006 model MScR
sudokuaceBeynon2008 The Sudoku ACE activity Meurig Beynon Jan-2008 model  
sudokucolourHarfield2007 Sudoku Colour Antony Harfield 2-May-2007 model PhD
sudokuexperienceBeynon2009 The Sudoku Experience workshops Meurig Beynon Jul-2008 model  
texteditorYung1987 Unconventional Text Editor Edward Yung Apr-1987 model 3YP
textpadsynMeerman2003 EDDI Textpad config Robert Meerman 28-Nov-2003 software  
threejugsRoe1999 Three Jugs Chris Roe Oct-1999 model PhD
tictactoeRoe2002 Tic-tac-toe dependency exercises Chris Roe 17-Jul-2002 model PhD
trafficlightMendis1997 Traffic Light Chandika Mendis Apr-1997 model MScM
triangleRun-bol2001 Representations of a triangle Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol Dec-2001 model PhD
vcgWard1999 VCG of Eden Ashley Ward Oct-1999 model PhD
velShethDOrnellas1998 Virtual Electronic Laboratory Chirag R. Sheth 1998 model, software MScD
vimodelBoyatt2007 vi editor Russell Boyatt 05-Dec-2007 model PhD
vimodesBeynon2006 vi modes Meurig Beynon 16-Oct-2006 model Acad
vmcRun-bol2001 Virtual Machine for Chocolate Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol May-2001 model PhD
vstKing2005 Visual Symbol Table Karl King 2005 component MScR
warehouseChen2001 Warehouse System Yih-Chang Chen Nov-2001 model PhD
waterLim2006 Teaching about water supply Wee Beng Lim 31-Dec-2005 model 4YM
wingWong1998 WING Allan Wong Apr-1998 model, software 3YP
wumpusCole2005 Hunt The Wumpus Graeme Cole 23-Jan-2005 model 4YM
wumpusPavelin2002 Wumpus World Joanna Pavelin 17-Mar-2002 model 3YP
xxxiWest1997 XXXI Rob West May-1997 model MScM
xxxidistributedThurman1997 A distributed version of the XXXI game Mark Thurman Jan-1999   MScM

A total of 175 projects currently.