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  • The new SiteBuilder EM site is now world-visible, although it hasn't (quite) yet replaced the old DCS JSP-based site. Made the SiteBuilder get-content-from encapsulation of the top-level listing of projects the home page, with redirects from empublic.dcs/ and empublic.dcs/projects. [Ash, 13 July 2005]
  • Various changes / bug fixes: Removed the TODO list away from public visibility as it doesn't seem appropriate now (moved into the directory above htdocs); Removed the Short Description column from the listAll-sb view to make the page width in SiteBuilder more sensible; Changed the EndCredits slightly to remove links and include Meurig; Incorrect project URLs that reference a non-existent project should now give a proper 404 Not Found header; Security fix: subdirectories of NOWEB projects should not now be accessible; Files that are not readable by 'other' should not now be accessible. [Ash, 27 June 2005]
  • Plain text files (eg .e, .donald... text/plain files) were previously HTML-ified in order to avoid a problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer ignoring the HTTP Content-Type header (see a a writeup of the issues). This HTML-ification workaround is now only applied if the User-Agent HTTP string contains MSIE -- ie it should only be applied if the browser is Internet Explorer. This should allow wget downloads of the archive to be both browsable and executable. [Ash, 23 June 2005]
  • Registration form now works in SiteBuilder. The variable $SBROOTURL has been removed through the use of empty action variables in the forms ( <form ... action=""> ... </form> is interpreted as "submit to current page"). The content of the search page (previously search.html) is now in SiteBuilder [Charlie, 26 April 2005].
  • Move of archive from SiteBuilder /models to /projects [by Ash]. This reflects that the archive is not just about models. A config file on the empublic server needed to know about that change, this has been updated to point to /projects. [Charlie, 25 April 2005]
  • Initial version of empublic-in-SiteBuilder. Running the two versions concurrently at the moment until it is fully reworked into SB and until the EM SB site is publically available. [Ash & Charlie, 15 April 2005]
  • A problem with the registration form fixed. [Ash, 15 Nov 2004]
  • Problems with the download facility now fixed, hopefully. Apologies for the problems. Please report any further problems to [Ash, 1:35pm, 13 Oct 2004]
  • Problems have been reported with the download facility -- investigations are underway. [Ash, 12:15, 13 Oct 2004]
  • empublic service moved from a Solaris box to a Linux box. Please report any problems to [Ash, 26 July 2004]
  • Testing empublic service on a Linux box instead of Solaris box. [Ash, 5 July 2004]
  • Made a pink box to contain Google search and an explanatory note. [Ash, 22 December 2003]
  • The archive has now reached a total of 100 projects, after having been in existence for a year and 8 months. Many thanks to all contributors. The current web interface is not ideal given the number of projects (eg navigation is problematic without a browse facility and the dynamic main index page has a performance problem) but there are plans to improve it -- see the TODO list. [Ash, 15 December 2003]
  • empublic server configured to restart automatically when gem is rebooted - thanks to PaulW. Hopefully this should prevent the occasional outages that have occurred so far. [Ash, 10 December 2003]
  • Download file extension changed from .tgz to .tar.gz as WinZip doesn't understand .tgz. [Ash, 18th October 2002]
  • Google now seem to have the empublic site content in their index, so I've added a Google University Site Search box below. They don't seem to include files with unusual extensions in their index (eg .d, .eden...) or images (eg .gif), so their index currently holds only 937 pages out of a possible 4074. The search facility should therefore be useful for searching for project authors, project keywords, papers etc, but probably not project source code. [Ash, 2nd October 2002]
  • now seems properly registered in the DNS, meaning this site should now be fully accessible from outside the department. [Ash, 9th August 2002]
  • What was "type" is now "funding", and a new attribute "type" has been introduced to distinguish models, papers, software, presentations and components. I've added papers that were published in LNAI as I know this doesn't infringe copyright. The other papers will have to be added as NOWEB until we can check out the copyright issues with each publisher. [Ash, 8th August 2002]
  • This archive is now accessible (and should be accessed) as, which was the main final requirement for this system. Although the system is now accessible from outside Warwick University, the empublic.dcs DNS name is not -- this will take a few days. [Ash, 19th July 2002]
  • Download facility is now functional. See the TODO list for the things still to come. [Ash, 21st May 2002]
  • This system is currently residing at a temporary URL, which is not accessible outside Warwick. It will hopefully soon be moving to a more permanent URL. Please don't publish the current URL anywhere yet. [Ash, 17th April 2002]