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Register a project

If you have a model or some source code relating to the Empirical Modelling project which you are not currently changing very often, then please consider submitting it to the archive to share it with others.

This form is for submitting details about electronic data. When you fill it in and press the Submit button at the bottom, it will create a specially formatted file containing the details you submitted. This file will be emailed to you and the empublic administrator. You will then need to contact the empublic administrator (perhaps by emailing and arrange to place your project within the archive (submitting a ZIP file through this page might eventually be implemented, but not yet - it seems sensible to have a human in the loop at this stage).

Please fill in as many details as you can.

Title Eg: Room Viewer
Authors Eg: Simon Yung
Please state the primary author of this version of the project. If you have extended a model, the primary author is now you. Then add any secondary authors, using the button to add more fields if necessary.

Short description Eg: Cat flap and cat tkeden model with visualisation
Please give a short (maximum 50 characters) description of the project.
Long description Please give a more full description of the project. What inspired/motivated it? What notable features does it have? Are bits of it a good example for others to examine, and if so what part(s)? What is the model trying to show? What EM principles does it illustrate? What problems does it have -- what would you work on next? (Note specific instructions about using the model are probably best put in the "tour" document mentioned below). If you are not the primary author of this model (ie you are filling in a form about a project from some other archive), then please put something to identify you at the end of this text, for example [Chris R].
Machine-readable date Please give the date when you last made a significant change to the project (not when you started it, for example). If you do not know the day (for example) precisely, then leave it as "unknown".
Project code

Please create a code for the project. This is a short string which will be used to uniquely identify this project, for ever, in this sytem, in web URLs, on CDROMs which contain projects and so on. The standard form we are using is composed of a short project title (in lowercase), followed by the family name of the primary author (with an initial capital letter), followed by the year in which a significant change was last made (including the century). There is a limit of 26 characters.

Some examples are:

  • fishWard2001
  • claytontunnelSun2000
  • cogRoe1999
  • sasamiexamplesCarter1999

Project type Please tick the boxes to show what type of project this is.
If you feel another keyword is appropriate but it is not listed above, please use the Other box.
Project funding How was the primary author funded to work on this project?
EM technologies used Please tick the boxes to show any EM technologies (notations, APIs...) you have used in your project.
LSD analysis
If you have used a technology invented for the EM group but it is not listed here, please use the "Other" box. Please don't put non-EM technologies (eg HTML) in this box.

Please take a screenshot of your project and save the image inside the project directory. Then give the path to your image here.

For example, I could take a screenshot on UNIX using xv and save it as screenshot1.gif inside a subdirectory called Pics of my main project directory. I would then type Pics/screenshot1.gif into this box.

If you cannot take a screenshot (please do - it would be useful!), then leave this box blank.

Valid image types are ones that web browsers will understand: GIF is a sensible type to use for screenshots (please do not use BMP: it is not understood in some web browsers).


(If your project is a model). Models are notoriously hard to explore if the original author is not around. Please spend five minutes writing a short document explaining what you would show a new user of your project (how to start it, what does the screen show, what do the buttons do, where are good places to explore...).

Ideally, please write this file as an HTML document (use an editor if you like: even MS Word can generate HTML). If not, please write a text-only document.

Save the file within your project directory. Then give the path to your tour document here.

For example, I could write an HTML document using Netscape Composer. I would save the file as tour.html, with any images it used inside a subdirectory called Docs of my main project directory. I would then type Docs/tour.html into this box.

EM public references If you know the code of any other projects here in EM public that this project is related to, please enter them here.

EMpress references If you know the numbers of any printed documents in the EMpress system that this project is related to, please enter them here.

Web site references If this project is related to any web sites, please enter the URLs for them here. Please only give URLs for web sites that are not likely to move in the near future.

Keywords Please tick any boxes which seem to apply to your project.
If you feel another keyword is appropriate but it is not listed above, please use the Other box.
Previous location

(This is intended for older projects only). If your project was previously accessible at some other location, then give the path here (eg ~wmb/public/projects/simulations/catflap/ashley). This information is recorded to help jog our memory, not for computer consumption. If the project was accessible at multiple locations, then please use the Add button to record all the locations separately.

For papers, put the publication information in this field.

Publishing Are you happy for your work to appear in the empublic archive?
Your email address (required - but not part of the project details) Your email address will not be published as part of the project details in this archive. However, your address will be emailed to the administrator of this system when you press the Submit button below. This is just in case there are problems when getting the actual project files from you. You must put your email address here: this form will fail on submission otherwise.
Finally - submit this form When you submit this whole form by pressing the button below, a special file containing the details you have entered will be created. This won't go immediately into the repository... it has to be checked by a human first. The file will be stored here on the server, and the administrator of this system will be emailed to let them know. You will also be emailed a copy of the file using the address you entered above.