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MSc by research theses from the Empirical Modelling group

Samia Meziani December 1987 Denota - an Interpreter for Definitive Notations
Mike Slade April 1990 Definitive Parallel Programming
Edward Yung September 1990 EDEN: An Engine for Definitive Notations
Timothy Heron September 2002 Programming with Dependency
Ruyuan Wang January 2003 Modelling for Software System Development: Object-Oriented and Empirical Modelling Perspectives
Jean-Pierre Dupont July 2004 Script partitioning in the comprehension and development of Empirical Modelling artefacts
George Efstathiou September 2006 C-GRAPH: A case study in the design, implementation and application of a definitive notation
Karl King January 2007 Uncovering Empirical Modelling
Hui Zhu March 2014 Empirical Modelling for Educational Technology: Parser Construction and Construal