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067 - Empirical Modelling for the Logistics of Rework in the Manufacturing Process


The application of a new modelling paradigm ("Empirical Modelling") to issues associated with rework in a manufacturing process is illustrated with reference to the construction of an "interactive situation model" for a simple production process. This model is built up incrementally in a manner that is guided at every stage by experience gained though its execution, and in this respect imitates the manner in which systematic processes are generated from interaction with artefacts, other people and the environment that is at first unconstrained. The roles of the producer and the assembler in our model can be performed manually on different clients in a network, and each can also be independently executed automatically. This approach to modelling offers more insight than a conventional process model into how concrete activities underpin the abstract process. It can also be used as to stimulate imaginative problem identification and solution, and to assist conflict resolution.


manufacturing process, rework, logistics, Empirical Modelling