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123 - Web support for e-learning: a constructivist computing approach


The radical implications of emerging web technology for education motivate a reappraisal of the conceptual framework that surrounds computing. Empirical Modelling (EM) has been developed as a way of thinking about computing that emphasises the role the computer plays in supporting learning in a constructivist spirit. EM research on principles and tools over the last 25 years has established proof-of-concept for varieties of technology-enhanced learning particularly relevant to current and emerging educational environments. This paper reviews the progress towards developing web-based tools to support EM that can realise its full potential as a vehicle for learning.


Links to relevant construals

The paper refers to the Web EDEN Sudoku experience model and to Hui Zhu's construal of an EDDI translator that is being developed using the 'master' variant of JS-EDEN.