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Departmental research reports

Departmental research reports relating to Empirical Modelling are listed below. Many of the reports are papers that could not be published elsewhere because of their specialist themes, experimental nature or dense technical content. Some extend or complement refereed publications, and in a few cases are very similar in content to a published paper. Reports can be retrieved by entering the appropriate index into the search box on the Computer Science research reports and theses webpage.

(Reports listed oldest first.)

CS-RR-054 A Definition of the ARCA Notation
W.M. Beynon. (September 1983)
CS-RR-078 ARCA - A Notation for Displaying and Manipulating Combinatorial Diagrams
W.M. Beynon. (June 1986)
CS-RR-086 DoNaLD: A Line-drawing System Based on Definitive Principles
W.M. Beynon, D. Angier, T. Bissell and S. Hunt. (October 1986)
CS-RR-087 The LSD Notation for Communicating Systems
W.M. Beynon. (November 1986)
CS-RR-093 Definitive Principles for Interactive Graphics
W.M. Beynon. (February 1987)
CS-RR-111 Implementing a Definitive Notation for Interactive Graphics
W.M. Beynon and Y.W. Yung. (November 1987)
CS-RR-124 Definitions for Modelling and Simulating Concurrent Systems
W.M. Beynon, M. Norris and M. Slade. (May 1988)
CS-RR-127 Parallel Computation in Definitive Models
W.M. Beynon, M. Slade and Y.W. Yung. (May 1988)
CS-RR-132 Definitive Programming for Parallelism
W.M. Beynon. (October 1988)
CS-RR-133 Evaluating Definitive Principles for Interaction in Graphics
W.M. Beynon. (November 1988)
CS-RR-141 Variables in Mathematics and Computer Science
W.M. Beynon and S.B. Russ. (May 1989)
CS-RR-147 Software Construction Using Definitions: an Illustrative Example
W.M. Beynon, M.T. Norris, S.B. Russ, Y.P. Yung and Y.W. Yung. (September 1989)
CS-RR-163 Protocol Specification in Concurrent Systems Software Development
W.M. Beynon, M. Slade and Y.P. Yung. (September 1990)
CS-RR-205 Programming Principles for the Semantics of the Semantics of Programs
W.M. Beynon. (January 1992)
CS-RR-207 The Interpretation of States: a New Foundation for Computation?
W.M. Beynon and S.B. Russ. (February 1992)
CS-RR-260 Agent-oriented Modelling for a Billiards Simulation
M. Farkas, W.M. Beynon and Y.P. Yung. (December 1993)
CS-RR-277 Empirical Modelling of Requirements
W.M. Beynon and S.B. Russ. (January 1995)
CS-RR-278 Databases from an Agent-oriented Perspective
W.M. Beynon, A. Cartwright and Y.P. Yung. (January 1995)
CS-RR-319 Abstract Geometry for Design in an Empirical Modelling Context (1996)
W.M. Beynon R.I. Cartwright and A.J. Cartwright.
CS-RR-329 Enabling Technologies for Empirical Modelling in Graphics
W.M. Beynon, J. Allderidge, R.I. Cartwright and Y.P. Yung. (July 1997)
CS-RR-337 Modelling State in Mind and Machine
W.M.Beynon. (Presented at 10th Annual PPIG conferenceLink opens in a new window at the Knowledge Media Institute at the OU, 5-7 January 1998)
CS-RR-346 Explanatory Models for Open-ended Human Computer Interaction
W.M. Beynon, J. Rungrattanaubol, P-H. Sun and A.E.M. Wright. (July 1998)
CS-RR-352 Interactive Situation Models for Program Comprehension
W.M.Beynon and P-H.Sun. (Sept 1998)
CS-RR-353 Interactive Situation Models for Systems Development
W.M. Beynon, R.I. Cartwright, J. Rungrattanaubol and P-H. Sun. (Sept 1998)
CS-RR-357 Cultivating Requirements in a Situated Requirements Engineering Process
P-H. Sun, S.B. Russ, Y.C. Chen and W.M. Beynon. (May 1999)
CS-RR-412 Empirical Modelling in Support of Constructionist Learning: a Case Study
W.M. Beynon and A.J. Harfield. (June 2005)
CS-RR-420 The Analogue Computer as a Scientific Instrument
Charles Care. (January 2006)
CS-RR-421 Redressing the past: liberating computing as an experimental science
W.M. Beynon and S.B.Russ. (January 2006)
This can also be accessed online at Grand Challenges for Computing Research Conference Submissions, submission number 26, National e-Science Centre
CS-RR-444 Computing for construals in distributed participatory design - principles and tools
Meurig Beynon and Zhan En Chan. (June 2009)
CS-RR-447 Cadence and the Empirical Modelling conceptual framework: a new perspective on modelling state-as-experienced
Meurig Beynon and Nicolas Pope. (September 2011)
CS-RR-449 Construals as a Complement to Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Medical EducationLink opens in a new window (preliminary version)
Meurig Beynon and Will Beynon