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Some talks on Empirical Modelling themes

See below for key to contributor initials.

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(Talks listed oldest first.)

T01 An agent-oriented framework for concurrent engineering [VDA,WMB,AJC,YPY]
IEE Colloquium on co-operative working in engineering, 1994
T02 Empirical Modelling and the explanation of behaviour [WMB]
Shape Modeling: Parallelism, Interactivity and Applications, University of Aizu, 1994
T03 Empiricism in computer-based modelling [WMB,PEN,SBR]
BCTCS 11, University of Wales, Swansea, April 1995
T04 Worlds before and beyond words: virtual formality for virtual reality? [WMB]
Virtual Futures 95, University of Warwick, 1995
T05 Radical Empiricism: a philosophic attitude for Empirical Modelling? [WMB]
Seminar at Warwick University, January 1997
T06 Empirical Modelling for educational technology [WMB]
Cognitive Technology 97, University of Aizu, August 1997
T07 Empirical Modelling: a new approach for understanding requirements [P-HS,WMB]
ICSEA'11, CNAM, Paris, December 1998
T08 Modelling state in mind and machine [WMB]
PPIG Workshop, Open University, January 1998
T09 Empirical Modelling for educational technology [WMB,SBR]
Staff Development Seminar, Warwick University, November 1998
T09a Empirical Modelling for educational technology [WMB, SBR] - and extended version
T10 Formal specification from an observation-oriented perspective [WMB,JR,JES]
BCTCS 15, Keele University, April 1999
T11 Empirical Modelling and the Foundations of Computer Science / Information Science / AI
Seminar at UNC, 1996 and talk at CMAA'99, University of Aizu 1999
(not currently scanned)
T12 Computer-mediated communication: a distributed Empirical Modelling perspective [WMB,P-HS]
Cognitive Technology 99, San Francisco, August 1999
T13 Interaction Situation Models for information system development [WMB,RIC,P-HS,ATW]
Presented by JR at SCI'99 and ISAS'99, Orlando, 1999
T14 Modelling with definitive scripts [WMB,JR]
Seminar at Hertfordshire University, 1999
T15 Timetabling from an Empirical Modelling perspective [WMB,SM,KTW,ATW]
Seminar at Nottingham University, May 2000
T16 Empirical Modelling for real-life financial systems: the need for integration of enabling tools and technologies [WMB,SM]
Integrated Design & Process Technology 4/5, Texas 2000
T17 Integrated environments for virtual collaboration: an Empirical Modelling perspective [WMB,SM]
Integrated Design & Process Technology 4/5, Texas 2000
T18 The Temposcope: a computer instrument for the idealist timetabler [WMB,ATW,SM,KTW,SR,SBR]
Presented by SBR at 3rd PATAT conference, Constance, Germany, August 2000
T19 Empirical Modelling and geometry: design and implementation [WMB,RIC]
Short course, University of Aizu, September 2000
T20 A presentation on Human Computing [SBR] at a workshop on Philosophy of the Information and Computing Sciences
held at the Lorentz Center, Leiden, the Netherlands from 8th -12th Feb 2010

New Light on Worlds Before and Beyond Words (slides / abstract) [WMB, SBR, NWP]

Presented by WMB at the Virtual Futures 2.0 '11 conference at the University of Warwick on 18th-19th June 2011 (cf. EM paper #041 "Worlds Before and Beyond Words" presented at the Virtual Futures conference at the University of Warwick in 1995)


  • AJC - Alan Cartwright
  • ATW - Ashley Ward
  • JES - Jane Sinclair
  • JR - Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol
  • KTW - Allan Wong
  • NWP - Nicolas Pope
  • P-HS - Pi-Hwa Sun
  • PEN - Paul Ness
  • RIC - Richard Cartwright
  • SBR - Steve Russ
  • SM - Soha Maad
  • SR - Suwanna Rasmequan
  • VDA - Valery Adzhiev
  • WMB - Meurig Beynon
  • YPY - Simon Yung