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Installing JS-Eden Master

  • Download Vagrant by going to - get the latest version (1.3.4). Choose the appropriate package for your machine (.msi for Windows).
  • Install Vagrant
  • Download and install VirtualBox ( (this step is optional if you're not running Windows)
  • Change your PATH variable to include the path for VirtualBox (C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox) (vagrant should already be in there)

To change the PATH variable in Windows, go to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables) - make sure you separate paths with a semicolon (;)

  • Go to
  • If you intend to contribute git commits (modifications to the code) you can checkout the cs4051314 branch by running a git command
git clone -b cs4051314

Alternatively, if you just want a snapshot, you can download directly from

  • Open a command prompt and cd into the directory where you stored js-eden (make sure you go to the directory that contains files such as LICENSE.txt and Vagrantfile)
  • (Optional: by default vagrant will use ports 2222 and 8080 - if these ports are already used on your machine you might like to change the relevant parts of the Vagrantfile)
  • Start the virtual machine by running the command:
vagrant up

this will download an image file of a basic linux installation, and will then automatically install all dependencies for js-eden.

  • When the vagrant up command finishes, open a web browser and visit the page http://localhost:8080

You should now have a working version of js-eden master.

Additional Notes

  • If you enciounter an error "The box 'base' could not be found" run the command:

vagrant box add base

  • To stop the virtual machine, you can type "vagrant halt". To restart it just type "vagrant up" again (this process should be much quicker than the first time you typed vagrant up, since it doesnt need to install the software again). Vagrant will automatically be halted when you shutdown the computer, so you'll need to type "vagrant up" when you turn the computer on.
  • If at any point the virtual machine goes wrong you can type "vagrant destroy" to delete the VM, then "vagrant up" to reinstall all the software.