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Feedback for Web-EM-03

Some points of interest from the WEB-EM-03 submissions

Car locking system
  • "It is this exploration of the model's [semantic] frame that is unique to the study of EM"
Countenancing 'taking the car door off' as well as 'opening the car door'
  • Considering issues such as 'finger pressure on the button'

Empirically Modelling [!] a Fire Control System
  • [a real-world example of Human Computing - at any rate as manifest in the progressive transition from manual to an automated action]
  • integration of the model with a historical and practical narrative
  • rooting the modelling in contextual and physical observation, incremental development and progressive automation

Domestic robots developing EM construals [!]
  • Key idea: "trying to make a robot 'develop a construal'". Cue here for thinking about how observables, dependencies and other agencies might be recognised - and awareness of the empirical nature of this recognition.
  • There are robots that vacuum rooms - so what can EM potentially add?
  • Danger of projecting an external objective view onto a situation: "simulating the robot measuring distances" needs to be addressed from the perspective of the robot's potential "perception" of state
  • Robot supposedly identifies the room it's in by the dimensions of it' - but in fact when the robot is moved from one room to another (e.g. by a super-agent), it doesn't evaluate the distances from walls in the room and return a room index - the button agency that moves the robot into another room encodes the knowledge about which room the robot is in.
  • trigger for identifying the room is that 'currRoom' has changed - whereas should be that some observable that might influence the robot-perceived identity of the room has changed
  • Likewise, in motion of the robot, expect an appropriate response to moving the door whilst the robot is in motion.

Upgrading Sasami
  • creating primitive objects within Sasami without using external modellers
  • possible to redefine Sasami objects without replicating objects (A serious deficiency in the original Sasami as a definitive notation!)

An Eden-base Digital Logic Simulator
  • Remarkable piece of work given the difficulties of the programming medium! - e.g. the presence of many components with generic characteristics
  • abandoning the use of definitions in favour of actions to cope with feedback loops
  • no dependency --> clock --> previous state
  • external observer concept of global state potentially problematic?
  • of an EM model: 'empirically it never is finished' vs 'empirically it is finished'
  • A cut above the usual critique of EM from an OO programming perspective

  • Difficult to map DOSTE to EM!
  • more acknowledgement of the role and character of agency is needed? - especially the uncircumscribed nature of this agency
  • potential benefit to EM:
    • value in having better means to describe behaviours using scripts
    • getting away from the current hybrid definitive-procedural platform that a conventional OS requires

Synesthesia for all
  • Emphasis on the interactive and interpretative elements of model-making good
  • incorporates an RGB to HSL colour model converter - should be implemented as a function?
  • Shows good awareness of the personal subjective nature of EM

Distances between cars in traffic
  • unusual model - visual representation of qualitative dependencies: prominent experiential emphasis
  • dependencies being maintained aren't easily specified precisely by a formula
  • highlights personal subjective perceptual and psychological factors
  • definitely a promising area in which might have introduced LSD