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WEB-EM-7 Abstracts and Individual Feedback

The individual feedback for your preliminary submissions can be found in pdf form here. This pdf has been generated directly from an html source that I had previously posted on this webpage, but unfortunately Sitebuilder destroyed some essential indexing and formatting which made it much harder for you to locate your submission! To assist you in finding your submission and my comments in the pdf file, you should consult the numbered list of titles given in textual form below and in this .pdf index to your preliminary submissions. Though there is no obligation to disclose your identity, it would make it easier to set up collaborations with other students if you were to follow Zukhra's example (see submission 15) and enable me to publicise the names attached to titles.

    1. A guide to choosing appropriate sorting algorithms
    2. An Analysis of the dependencies that determine player positioning in the sport of Badminton.
    3. Modelling Nitrogen within a sub sea divers body tissues for diver safety and training
    4. Solar System Model based on Newtons laws of motion
    5. Packet Switching Computer Networks : An educational perspective
    6. Mexican gulf oil spill prototype
    7. Maze game
    8. Flight Schedule
    9. A Model of Snake Using Empirical Modeling
   10. Emperical Modelling - a new approach to teaching mathematics through problem solving
   11. A Asteroid Impact Detection Tool based on a graphically interactive model.
   12. Empirical Modelling: A Model of Traffic Simulating to Aid Traffic Signal Control
   13. iCar Park
   14. Removing barriers to learn Empirical Modelling
   15. Learning Mathematical Derivative / Zukhra Uzbayeva
   16. Road Model With A Zebra Crossing and A Bus Stop
   17. A Golf Simulation
   18. Chess game
   19. Cloud Computing in the Empirical Perspective
   20. Simulation on Influence of physics on figure skating actions
   21. Modelling of a Front-engine, Rear-wheel Drive Automobile Drivetrain
   22. An EM approach to model railway traffic system
   23. Lift Simulation using Empirical Modelling
   24. empirical modelling with Python
   25. Conventional Data structures and algorithms in Eden
   26. Viability of Modelling Real World Objects for Educational and Historical Purposes
   27. Uses of Empirical Modelling in a dart simulation
   28. Bowling a cricket ball: an empirical modelling simulation
   30. Understanding The Effects of Spin In Table Tennis Through Empirical Modelling
   31. A simple Diving simulation
   32. The Offside Rule: an Empirical Approach
   33. Objects Collision Model for Physics Teaching And Learning
   34. Emprirical Modelling in Educational game: Paper fighter
   35. Visualising User Models for Keystroke Dynamics using Empirical Modelling
   36. The Implications of Constructing Classroom Experiments in an Empirical Modelling Environment
   37. Digital Circuit Elements
   38. Using Empirical Modelling to show the movement of a boat in moving water
   39. Empirically Modelling a Golf Game
   40. Modeling a Rocket movement Using Empirical Modeling Principles in 2D Space
   41. An Educational tool - Teaching how to serve spinning ball and hit spinning ball in Table Tennis
   42. Empirical Modelling of a Retail Queueing System
   43. Modelling with dependency - Understanding our solar system using empirical modelling
   44. Definitive Procedural Calculations
   45. Internal Combustion Engine with Gears
   46. Inferences About The Game of Mastermind
   47. Understanding exchange rates An EM learning approach
   48. Understanding Collision