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Supplementary notes on Lab 3

In this lab, you are not intended to study the various definitive notations in EDEN in detail, but to get an overall impression of how a complex construal can be created. You can consult the links in the Background information for studying CS405 for more info: particularly relevant are the the Notes on definitive notations which include more details of the Donald notation.

The EMPE environment is (of course) itself constructed using EM principles. It makes use of yet another definitive notation: %angel, which is designed to support interface design. You can find more details of the environment in empeHarfield2007. The actual specification of the EMPE interface can be found in the file interface.gel in empeHarfield2007. You can reconfigure the interface by using the %angel notation: for some simple illustration of this, see the presext.e file in the SudokuExperienceEnv directory. For some more description of how presentations can be created using the EMPE, you can take a look at the slides preceding the initial slide of the workshop presentation (pressing Previous instead of Next on the title page).

One of the limitations of the EMPE is that it doesn't enable you to inspect the values of observables very easily (though the Eden values of observables can be embedded in the slides themselves, as illustrated on Slide 15 of the presentation). You can get access to the 'actual' EDEN input window by pressing the Show tkeden button. If you should accidentally close the presentation window - provided that you have the EDEN input window open! - you can recover it by entering the redefinition:

pres_win.visible = 1;

It wasn't essential to copy the ConstructionismWS directory to your home space in order to execute the model. If you want to remove your personal copies of all the relevant - and irrelevant material - in that directory, you can still cd to the ~empublic/teaching /cs405/lab3/ConstructionismWS directory and invoke tkeden with Part2-IntroToEM.eden there.