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Additional resources for construal comprehension exercise

The basic resources for your construal comprehension exercise can be found in the subdirectories within the public directory /dcs/emp/empublic/teaching/cs405/UsingEMPE on the departmental network. The following additional resources may be useful in studying your allocated construal:

  • cricketscoringPether2006: The GEL guide to the %angel notation can be found within the gelHarfield2006 subdirectory of the EM archive. Discussion of ways in which the theme of cricket relates to EM can be found in computer science Research Report #444 Computing for construals in distributed participatory design – principles and tools by Beynon and Chan online at This contains a passing reference to Pether's project.
  • pjawnsMartin2003 and pjawnsBowen2003: The rules of Pjawns are set out here. Reports by the authors on their models are available within the corresponding subdirectories.
  • bubblesortBeynon2007: The bubblesort model is discussed in EM paper #107. There are associated links to expositions of Web EDEN variants of the bubblesort construal.
  • beamdetectorRoe2004: The beamdetector model features in EM paper #080.
  • nimLeeke2008: The rules of Nim and the mathematics behind the winning strategy are discussed in Wikipedia at Matthew Leeke's written component of his WEB-EM-4 submission is available as a pdf file in the subdirectory numLeeke2008.
  • vimodesBeynon2006: The vimodes model has a variant that can be accessed via Web EDEN, and is particularly relevant to the view of constructivist computer science education discussed in EM paper #108.