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Author guidelines for final submission


The paper and the model should be submitted together your specified weighting for written and practical components through Tabula. Please submit your model in .tar.gz or .zip format and include any special instructions and additional documentation necessary to run the model intelligibly on the Computer Science systems.

Note carefully that your paper is intended to address an EM-related research theme suitable for a conference presentation - whilst it should make reference to your modelling study where relevant, it should not simply take the form of a report on the construction of your model or other mode of model documentation. There is no limit on the size of model documentation that can be submitted in the model component of your submission.

Authors' Instructions & Template Files

Authors should follow the instructions below when preparing their papers. Template files are available in LaTeX and Microsoft Word formats:

(Word Document) Word template (.doc)
(Text file) Latex template (.tex) including Latex style file (.sty) and Bibtex file (.bib)
(PDF Document) PDF example (.pdf)
(Postscript file) Postscript example (.ps)

Advice to Authors

The main concerns that will guide the marking of your paper and model are set out in the Call for Papers. For advice on how to go about preparing your paper, see the Advice to authors.

Previous Submissions

You may find it helpful to look at previous submissions for WEB-EM to help gauge the appropriate style - they are available on-line at


Provided that your submission is of an appropriate standard it will be published on the intranet with your name attached. Please notify Meurig Beynon if you would prefer to remain anonymous.