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Appendix to Lab 2B

The resources for this lab are in the presliftBeynon2003 subdirectory of the directory


For this lab, you are recommended to set up a private copy of the UsingEMPE in your own work area. UNIX commands to do this are as follows:

mkdir cs405practical
cd cs405practical

cp -rp /dcs/emp/empublic/teaching/cs405-2011/UsingEMPE/ UsingEMPE 2>/dev/null

To begin the lab, you should enter your local copy of the presliftBeynon2003 subdirectory, and execute tkeden with the input file runLiftLab.e. You will also find it convenient at this point to set up a text editor to inspect the contents of the file liftdemo.d in the liftBeynon2003 subdirectory.

Assuming that you are in your cs405practical directory, UNIX commands to do this are as follows:

cd UsingEMPE/presLiftBeynon2003
~empublic/bin/tkeden runLiftLab.e &

gedit liftBeynon2003/liftdemo.d &

A copy of the instructions above can be found in the README file within the public directory ~empublic/teaching/cs405-2012/lab2.

The two views of the Lift Model