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Some examples of EM / WEB-EM models

Some prize-winning WEB-EM models

The range of applications for EM is well-illustrated by past submissions to WEB-EM - studying these may be helpful in preparing your own submission for WEB-EM-8.

A number of interesting EDEN models have been gathered together in the directory ~empublic/teaching/Models2012/

They include prize-winning contributions to WEB-EM over the last eight years that have not yet been placed in the EM archive.

Other excellent EDEN models that you may wish to study can be found in the EM archive: they include wumpusCole2005 and racingGardner1999 (which should be run with tkeden-1.67 as it uses the todo() mechanism for clocking).

There are few JsEden models at present. The first WEB-EM JsEden models are listed under the Projects tab in the emile variant: they comprise exploratory models on the theme of Eightball by Jess Nickson, a parallel parking model by Matt Cranham and a Battleship model by Dave Yip. The Eightball models highlight performance issues in relation to animation. The parallel parking does not appear to work with the emile variant of JsEden at present! It can still be executed with Matt Cranham's personal version of JsEden at JsEden models relating to malaria construals by Meurig and Will Beynon can be found via the link: - these are discussed in more detail in recent papers and in Computer Science research report #449. More applications of JsEden will be made available shortly.

Other resources

More ambitious projects that have been the subject of MSc dissertation projects in EM over recent years can be found here. They include Bo Gao's Basic Grid environment for making EM models, Cem Ozturan's Chess Mentor, and Tim Monks's JsEden prototype implementation of EDEN in the browser using JavaScript.