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Team Construal Comprehension Exercise Submission Page

This page has been specially created for the team of MSc students to submit the resources for their presentation at 4pm in CS104 today (7/11/13).

All five MSc students: Hamish, Theerayut, Eyimofe, Yibo and Jeffrey, have permission to upload files to this webpage. Each of you should have two files to submit, one a .zip file, the other a .pdf file, and they will need to be given distinct names. If your name as-listed-above is 'X' please could you submit your files as '' and 'X.pdf'. You should make your submission before today's 12 noon deadline.

The procedure for uploading your files is as follows:

  1. prepare your two files and X.pdf on the machine on which you are accessing this webpage
  2. select the 'Sign in' tab at the top of the webpage and press 'Enter'
  3. enter your university usercode and IT services password to sign in to the page: you should see an Edit option appear at the top of the webpage
  4. select 'Edit' and choose the 'Upload file' option from the drop down menu
  5. this gives you a 'Choose Files' button - when you press this you will be navigate through your file system and select the and X.pdf files
  6. you can select, give it the short title "", and press the 'Upload' button to upload it
  7. repeat this procedure for the X.pdf file
  8. when you have uploaded your files, send a plaintext (!) email message to to confirm this.

To check what files have been uploaded to the webpage, you can select the 'Edit' menu and the '>>More...' --> 'Files' options. You can also use this webpage to upload any team resources that you may wish to access for the presentation.