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Visit by Dr Heng Chonchaiya

We are pleased to welcome Dr Heng Chonchaiya to the Department; he is here from the 6th January to 6th April of this year. He is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics at Burapha University in Thailand and is pursuing his own research in mathematics education while here. As part of his research he is studying the linear algebra component of CS131 (Mathematics for Computer Scientists II) and helping to build an environment which may be offered to our students to help them revise for the examination in this module. For this work Heng will be working with Steve Russ and Meurig Beynon in the IAS Group. He is also working with staff in the Mathematics Institute and the Centre for Educational Studies. If you are interested in meeting Heng his email address is and he has desk-space in CS329. Our Department has strong connections with Thailand. For example, two successful PhD students from the Empirical Modelling Group are Suwanna Rasmequan, who is now Dean of Informatics at Burapha University, and Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol who is now Head of Mathematics at Naresuan University. In February this year Steve Russ and Meurig Beynon will be speaking at two separate conferences in Thailand: Meurig at the Constructionism 2016 conference in Bangkok (, and Steve is a keynote speaker at the Knowledge and Smart Technology 2016 conference in Chiang Mai ( Also Antony Harfield (alumnus from DCS in both BSc and Phd) and now Lecturer at Naresuan University will be contributing at both conferences.

Sat 23 Jan 2016, 12:14