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Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Research Group Members


Alexandra Cristea (group co-ordinator) (Authoring of) adaptive hypermedia; Web 2.0, social web; semantic web; user modelling; technology-enhanced learning
Meurig Beynon (Emeritus Reader) Empirical Modelling
Martin Campbell-Kelly (Emeritus Professor) History of computing
Mike Joy Educational technology; computer science education; technology-enhanced learning; mobile learning; semantic web
Maria Liakata Data mining; social media
Steve Matthews Discrete partial mathematics
Rob Procter Social informatics; health informatics; computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW); participatory design; co-production; e-Science; innovation; science and technology studies (STS); ethnography
Jane Sinclair Computer science education; educational technology

Affiliated Staff

Charles Care (Associate Fellow) History of computing
Mary Croarken (Warwick Honorary Research Fellow) History of computing
Nathan Griffiths (PCaV research group) Agent-based systems
Antony Harfield (Associate Fellow) Empirical Modelling
Russell Boyatt (IT Services) Mathematical logic; educational technology; Empirical Modelling
Sara Kalvala (COMBI research group)  
Steve Russ (Associate Fellow) Empirical Modelling; history of computing

Research Students

Monisa Abdul Wahab ePortfolios
Afaf Alamri Acceptance of personalized web-based education
Reem Al Fayez Integration of recommender and adaptive web-based educational hypermedia systems
Dana Al Qudah Interactive hypermedia and social interaction in e-business platforms
Maram Al Zaidi Using Web 2.0 technology to increase students’ engagement and interaction during lectures.
Alexandros Gkiokas Imitation Learning and Deep Learning for the purpose of creating and enabling Crystallized Machine Intelligence through Knowledge Transferrence
Sunčica Hadžidedić Enhancing e-learning material to support revision strategy
Javed Khan Adaptation languages and their authoring environments (visual)
Mohamad Mahli User satisfaction models for e-learning
Daniel Onah Using design science evaluation tool as an instrument for investigating user choice and self-regulated learning in a MOOC context
Ayman Qahmash

Gifted student identification and curriculum enrichment through VLEs

Mohammed Rehman

A pedagogical framework for mobile learning in international contexts

Adekunle Shonola Security challenges facing the use of mobile devices for learning in higher education institutions in Nigeria

Research Student Alumni

Resala AlAdraj Security aspects of online group collaborative tools
Safia Belkada Supporting discovery learning in building neural network models
Andrew Chow Transferable skills in Computer Science
Georgina Cosma An approach to source-code plagiarism detection and investigation using latent semantic analysis
Jonathan Foss
Manual and automatic authoring for adaptive hypermedia
Fawaz Ghali Web 2.0, social web techniques and e-learning standards in adaptive hypermedia

Maurice Hendrix

Semantic web in authoring of adaptive hypermedia
Amirah Ismail
A metametadata framework to support semantic searching of pedagogic data
Mmaki Jantjies The use of bilingual mobile technology solutions to support learners education in South African schools
Chen Jin
Interactive tutoring on communication gaps in a communicative language learning environment
Teemu Laine

Technology integration in context-aware learning spaces

Sarah Lim Choi Keung Trust-based social mechanism to counter deceptive behaviour
Jenny Liu
Intelligent support for group work in collaborative learning environments
Sabine Moebs Quality of service and quality of experience-based adaptation for the web
Andreea Molnar

Adaptive systems, technology-enhanced learning

Andrés Moreno

Conflictive program animation

Jason Nurse

A business-oriented framework for enhancing web services security for e-business

Nick Pope Supporting the migration from construal to program: rethinking software development
Dorian James Rutter From diversity to convergence: British computer networks and the Internet, 1970-1995
Joshua Scotton Supporting delivery of adaptive hypermedia
Lei Shi Social networking and adaptation
Jirarat Sitthiworachart
An investigation into novel software tools for enhancing students' higher cognitive skills in computer programming
Natalia Stash
Incorporating cognitive/learning styles in a general-purpose adaptive hypermedia system
Shanghua Sun
A multi-agent system to support adaptive education
Saba Khalil Toor Referencing and citation
Jane Yau A mobile context-aware learning schedule framework with Java learning objects
Shanshan Yang An effective services framework for sharing educational resources
Matthew Yau Semantic web, information retrieval-enhanced authoring for Wikipages
Nadjet Zemirline Adaptation languages based on a semantic web approach
Hui Zhu Modelling parsers using Empirical Modelling