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Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science 2009

WPCCS09 Title

The Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium is an annual event held in the Department of Computer Science which brings together postgraduate researchers from Computer Science, MOAC and the Centre for Scientific Computing to present recent and on-going research. The event is free for all postgraduates. Submission and attendance to the WPCCS09 event is compulsory for all Computer Science research students.

In the 2009 event the WPCCS will contain two tracks which will run in parallel. Once all submissions have been received the abstracts will be allocated between the tracks and the schedule made available.

Abstract submission is now closed and the review process has started!

The following abstracts have been submitted:

  • The Problem with Being Dynamic
  • Ensuring Data Integrity Without Deferred Constraint Checking
  • Literature report on the role of performance modelling in procurement studies for HPC systems.
  • PTAS for the k-tour cover problem on the Euclidean plane for moderately large values of k
  • Automatic Camera Calibration for 3D Face Reconstruction
  • Automatic retrieval of content from hypermedia in a semantic way
  • Authoring for E-Learning 2.0: a Case Study
  • Histopathological Image Analysis: Meningioma (Brain Tumour) Classification Spanning Connectivity Games
  • Mulilateral Filtering: A Novel Framework for Generic Similarity-based Image Denoising
  • The Cell Broadband Engine as an Architecture in High Performance Scientific Computing
  • Towards the Automated Reasoning and Comparison of Business-Level Risk Treatment Choices
  • Linear Complementarity Algorithms for Infinite Games
  • Adaptive Hypermedia Content Authoring using MOTPHP
  • Recording Call Paths for High Performance Parallel Scientific Codes
  • Viewing and Delivering Adaptive Educational Hypermedia
  • Toward Error Containment in Dependable Software Design
  • Authoring for a Personalised Learning Experiance
  • A Uniform Approach To Telephone Subscriber Normalisation
  • The Effects of Server Reallocation Time in Dynamic Resource Allocation Systems
  • Bringing Programming On-line in a Changing World
  • Algorithm design for multicore processors
  • Verification of Compiler Optimisations
  • Developing E-learning Services
  • An Approach for Intelligent Grouping for Online Collaborative Learning
  • WARPP: A Toolkit for Simulating High Performance Parallel Codes
  • Selecting surface features for accurate multi-camera surface reconstruction
  • Quantum Teleportation in Context: Equivalence Relations for Quantum Processes