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WPCCS 2009 Schedule

The schedule for the WPCCS09 event is shown below. Unlike previous events this schedule will operate a dual-track system. Talks should last no more than 18-20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions from the audience.

Time WPCCS09 Track 1 (CS1.04) WPCCS09 Track 2 (CS1.01)
09:00-09:25 Nick Landia - Tag Suggestion For Documents In A Social Bookmarking Scenario Charlotte Boden - Automatic Camera Calibration for 3D Face Reconstruction
09:25-09:50 Irfan Butt - Multilateral Filtering: A Novel Framework For Generic Similarity-Based Image Denoising Peter Krusche - Algorithm design for multicore processors
09:50-10:15 Fawaz Ghali - Authoring for E-Learning 2.0: a Case Study Thomas Popham - Selecting surface features for accurate multi-camera surface reconstruction
10:20-10:45 Maxim Legg - A Uniform Approach to Telephone Subscriber Normalisation Michal Rutkowski - Survival Games
10:45-11:10 Adrian Hudnott - Ensuring Data Integrity Without Deferred Constraint Checking Tim Davidson - Quantum Teleportation in Context: Equivalence Relations for Quantum Processes
11:10-11:30 Matt Leeke - Toward Error Containment in Dependable Software Design Cheuk Yau - Automatic retrieval of content from hypermedia in a semantic way
11:30-11:50 Coffee (Common Room) Coffee (Common Room)
11:50-12:15 Maurice Hendrix - Authoring for a Personalised Learning Experience Shuangyan Liu - An Approach for Intelligent Grouping for Online Collaborative Learning
12:15-12:40 Si Hammond - WARPP: A Toolkit for Simulating High Performance Parallel Codes Anna Adamaszek - PTAS for the k-tour cover problem on the Euclidean plane for moderately large values of k
12:40-13:05 Mohammed al Ghami - The Effects of Server Reallocation Time in Dynamic Resource Allocation Systems Hammad Qureshi - Histopathological Image Analysis: Meningioma (Brain Tumour) Classification
13:05-14:05 Lunch (Common Room) Lunch (Common Room)
14:05-14:30 Richard Warburton - Verification of Compiler Optimisations Joshua Scotton - Viewing and Delivering Adaptive Educational Hypermedia
14:30-14:55 Adam Chester - The Problem with Being Dynamic Shanshan Yang - Developing E-learning Services
14:55-15:20 James Davis - The Cell Broadband Engine as an Architecture in High Performance Scientific Computing John Fearnley - Linear Complementarity Algorithms for Infinite Games
15:20-15:45 Coffee (Common Room) Coffee (Common Room)
15:45-16:10 Jessica Smith - Recording Call Paths for High Performance Parallel Scientific Codes  
16:10-16:35 Jason Nurse - Towards the Automated Reasoning and Comparison of Business-Level Risk Treatment Choices  
16:35-17:00 Jonathan Foss - Adaptive Hypermedia Content Authoring using MOTPHP  
19:00 Meal (Bar Fusion, Rootes) Meal (Bar Fusion, Rootes)