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Degree Course Accreditation

Why Accreditation?

BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT, is the leading institution for IT and Computing professionals, and if you join BCS, you will have available to you a wide range services and benefits which will assist you throughout your career. You will have the opportunity to gain respected professional qualifications, including CITP, CEng and CSci, and an accredited Honours degree - such as the Computer Science and Computing Systems degrees at Warwick - is the first step to full membership and to being awarded chartered status.

Membership of BCS carries the right to use the designatory letters MBCS, and members with chartered status (which can be applied for after appropriate work experience) may use the title Chartered Information Technology Practitioner (CITP).

The Euro-Inf Quality Label is awarded to degree programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level that comply with the Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria.

Getting CEng/CSci Status

BCS is a licensed body of the Engineering Council and of the Science Council, which means that it may award the professional qualifications of CEng (Chartered Engineer) and CSci (Chartered Scientist) to suitably qualified members of the Society. However, the academic basis for CEng/CSci is more onerous than for professional membership, and requires four years of study. This can either be in the form of a four year degree course (an MEng) or a three year BSc followed by postgraduate study.

Degree Course Accreditations

The following apply to students who commenced their course between October 2012 and October 2016 inclusive. The status of the "with intercalated year" degrees is identical to their non-intercalated counterparts. A summary of the accreditation for previous cohorts is available.

Programme Accreditation
G403 Computer Science MEng
G413 Computing Systems MEng
Full CITP, CEng and CSci accreditation. (note 1)
Euro-Inf Quality Master Label (2012-2017)
G400 Computer Science BSc
G410 Computing Systems BSc
Full CITP accreditation, partial CEng and CSci accreditation. (note 2)
Euro-Inf Quality Bachelor Label (2012-2017)
G5P8 MSc Computer Science and Applications Euro-Inf Quality Master Label (2012-2017)
BCS Accredited Degree Logo Euro Inf Accreditation Seal (BSc) Euro Inf Accreditation Seal (Masters)


  1. Also CITP Further Learning Element.
  2. An extra year of study (a "matching section") is required for full CEng/CSci accreditation.