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Fourth Year Computer Systems Engineering MEng 2017/18

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates are required to take one core module (30 CATS credits) and 90 CATS credits selected from the lists of optional modules below. At least 60 CATS credits must be from List A, and the minimum of 60 CATS credits should not comprise all CS or all ES-coded modules.

Core Module




ES410 Group Project 1,2,3
30 A(100)


Optional Modules - List A

CS402 High Performance Computing 2 15 E(70) A(30)
CS413 Image and Video Analysis 1 15 E(70) A(30)
CS915 Advanced Computer Security 2 15 E(70) A(30)
ES434 ASICs, MEMS and Smart Devices 1 15 E(50) A(50)
ES4C4 Optical Communication Systems 2 15 E(70) A(30)
ES96T Advanced Wireless Systems and Modelling 2 15 E(40) A(60)

Optional Modules - List B

CS404 Agent Based Systems 1 15 E(50) A(50)
CS909 Data Mining 2 15 E(50) A(50)
ES442 Precision Engineering and Microsystems 1 15 E(80) A(20)
ES4A1 Advanced Robotics 1 15 E(50) A(50)
ES4A4 Biomedical Systems Modelling 2 15 E(80) A(20)
ES4C3 Mathematical and Computer Modelling 2 15 E(70) A(30)
ES4D4 Power Electronic Converters and Devices 2 15 E(80) A(20)
ES4E9 Affective Computing
ES4F0 Advanced Control   15  
ES97D Imaging and Sensing in Body and Brain 2 15 E(70) A(30)
ES97E Biomechanics 2 15 E(70) A(30)
ES97F Heathcare Technology Engineering: Design Maintenance and Assessment 2 15 E(60) A(40)
ES97H Biomedical Signal Processing 1 15 E(60) A(40)