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First Year Discrete Mathematics BSc/MEng 2023/24

The first year course for Discrete Mathematics students introduces students to basic concepts in the area of Discrete Mathematics. It provides the background knowledge and skills necessary for a deeper understanding of the discipline, as well as a motivation for the breadth of topics to be covered later in the course. Students will learn basic concepts in university mathematics (like proofs, formal arguments, rigour and calculations), exercise mathematical reasoning, perform combinatorial analysis, and acquire knowledge about discrete structures. There is opportunity to develop transferable skills, and the flexibility inherent in the Warwick system allows students to follow their interests in a variety of allied fields, especially in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. The core of the first year comprises ten modules (105 CATS). In the core, students are required to take four modules from the core of Mathematics (45 CATS), two modules from the core of Computer Science (30 CATS), and two modules devoted to discrete mathematics and its applications that have been specifically designed for the Discrete Mathematics students (20 CATS together). Students should take the remaining CATS selected from the list of optional modules. The optional modules list contains level 1 modules delivered by Computer Science and Mathematics. In theory, students may take up to 30 CATS of unusual options. However, we advise that first year students do not take more than 120 CATS in total.

Core Modules

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS118 Programming for Computer Scientists 1 15
CS126 Design of Information Structures 2 15
CS146 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 1 1 10
CS147 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 2 2 10
MA138 Sets and Numbers 1 10
MA142 Calculus 1 1 10
MA143 Calculus 2 2 10
MA149 Linear Algebra 2 15
MA1K2 Refresher Mathematics * Pre-Term 0
ST120 Introduction to Probability 1 10

* Online delivery prior to start of Term 1

Optional Modules - List B

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS132 Computer Organisation and Architecture 1 15
CS133 Professional Skills 1,2 15
CS139 Web Development Technologies 2 15
CS140 Computer Security 1 15
CS141 Functional Programming 2 15
MA133 Differential Equations * 2 10
MA145 Mathematical Methods and Modelling 2 (pre-requisite MA147) 2 10
MA147 Mathematical Methods and Modelling 1 ** 1 10

List B modules may have lecture clashes with core modules. Please check the module timetable before making your choice: Central Timetabling Office - University of Warwick

* MA133 cannot be taken with MA145 or MA147

** It is recommended to take both MA147 and MA145. MA145 cannot be taken without MA147.

Modules from Other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found in the Module Catalogue:

Students are not permitted to enrol on CS130, CS131, MA117 , MA140/MA152, MA148 due to overlapping content with CS146, CS147, CS118, MA142/MA143, MA149 respectively.