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Fourth Year Discrete Mathematics MEng 2022/23

Candidates must have obtained an overall average of at least 55% in Year 3 in order to proceed to Year 4 of the DM MEng course. Candidates who fail to meet this requirement will be considered for a BSc in Discrete Mathematics.

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates for Honours are required to take at least 30 CATS credits from List A. List B comprises modules from the list of level 4 optional modules available to the fourth year of the Computer Science degree or the Mathematics degree.

NOTE: In the third and fourth years combined, candidates are required to take at least 120 CATS credits of modules coded 4**. If candidates have not taken any level 4** in previous years and wish to take a module coded 3**, they can do so but will be required to overcat.

Optional Modules - List A

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS404 Agent Based Systems 2 15
CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory 1 15
CS418 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Compexity 1 15
CS419 Quantum Computing 2 15
MA4J3 Graph Theory 1 15
ST407 Monte Carlo Methods 1 15

Optional Modules - List B

Code Name Term CATS Credits
Modules selected from level 4 modules delivered by Computer Science and Mathematics. (Note - CS407 is not available as an option/unusual option).

Modules from Other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found in the Module Catalogue: