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CS350 Data Science Project

The format and content of modules CS310, CS343, CS344, CS350 and CS351 are currently identical.

Academic Aims

To give experience of undertaking a significant individual design and development exercise from conception through to design, implementation and delivery.

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will be experienced and empowered in undertaking significant project work in a self disciplined, organised, and professional manner from conception to documentation.


Students select a project during Term 3 of the second year by submitting an outline of the proposed project and finding an academic member of staff to supervise it. A detailed project specification is submitted during the third week of the first term. A written progress report on the current state of the project is submitted in the last week of the first term for 5% credit (combined with the specification). A presentation of the final results of the project is given to the assessors during the last two weeks of the second term for 15% credit. A detailed written report of the project is submitted during the second week of the third term for 80% credit. The project is not a taught module but a major design and development exercise for the student carried out under supervision.

30 CATS (15 ECTS)
Terms 1,2,3

Ranko Lazic


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