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CS913 Dissertation Project

CS913 60 CATS Terms 2,3 and summer


Core - MSc Data Analytics

Academic Aims

The dissertation is intended to give students the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge that they have acquired during the first half of the MSc, and to undertake a research led project. Students are expected to carry out a significant development exercise, either in the form of a research project or a knowledge transfer project that is applying recent research and the advanced topics taught in the first half of the course. The project will require strong project management skills, problem-solving abilities, and self directed study. Although not a requirement, there is scope for industrial involvement in dissertation projects, and this is encouraged. The dissertation also provides opportunity for interdisciplinary work, again building on the the modules taught earlier in the course, and will require students to demonstrate a mature knowledge of computer science and its applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Carry out a comprehensive research project and critically interpret results in computer science and applications
  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of one area of computer science at, or approaching, the frontiers of research.
  • Interpret and evaluate results in computer science.
  • Demonstrate independent learning skills
  • Write an extended scientific report and show research skills (including the use of library and web resource s)
  • Show good oral communication skills


The research interests of staff members, as typically represented (but not restricted to) the modules taught in the first six months of the MSc, will be the major source of dissertation topics. A degree of industrial input and involvement will be encouraged, and can be facilitated through existing academic-industrial collaborations or by addressing specific topics that are of interest to industrial partners. The dissertation project will be prefaced by introductory workshops on issues of project management and planning. All projects will be closely supervised by academics with ongoing feedback and guidance at all stages of the project from the conception to completion.


To include topic specific research papers and texts, along with research/development project management and software engineering texts.

Dawson Christian W, Projects in Computing and Information Systems: A Student's Guide, Addison-Wesley, 2005.


Dissertation report (80%), Interim Report (15%), Presentation (5%)