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Syllabi for Computer Science Modules

These are the formal syllabi for modules delivered by the Department of Computer Science, as approved by the Sub-faculty of Science.

Name Description Last Updated
CS118 Programming for Computer Scientists 11/09/18
CS126 Design of Information Structures 03/02/20
CS130 Mathematics for Computer Scientists I 11/09/18
CS131 Mathematics for Computer Scientists II 11/09/18
CS132 Computer Organisation and Architecture 22/08/19
CS133 Professional Skills 07/12/19
CS136 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 1 11/09/18
CS137 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications 2 04/08/16
CS138 Mathematics for Computer and Business Studies (No longer runs) 11/09/18
CS139 Web Development Technologies 20/09/19
CS140 Computer Security 11/09/18
CS141 Functional Programming 22/01/20
CS142 Visualisation (not running 20/21) 04/09/20
CS241 Operating Systems and Computer Networks 26/09/19
CS249 Digital Communications and Signal Processing 08/02/18
CS254 Algorithmic Graph Theory 08/02/18
CS255 Artificial Intelligence 30/10/19
CS257 Advanced Computer Architecture 08/02/18
CS258 Database Systems 27/05/17
CS259 Formal Languages 08/02/18
CS260 Algorithms 27/05/17
CS261 Software Engineering 08/02/18
CS262 Logic and Verification 12/12/18
CS263 Cyber Security 10/09/18
CS301 Complexity of Algorithms 29/07/16
CS310 Computer Science Project 02/10/19
CS313 Mobile Robotics 20/09/19
CS324 Computer Graphics 10/09/18
CS325 Compiler Design 11/09/18
CS331 Neural Computing 11/09/18
CS342 Machine Learning 22/08/19
CS344 Discrete Mathematics Project 29/11/10
CS345/912 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications 22/08/19
CS346 Advanced Databases 11/09/18
CS347 Fault-tolerant Systems 22/08/19
CS348 Social Informatics 11/09/18
CS349 Principles of Programming Languages 11/09/18
CS350 Data Science Project 16/05/16
CS351 Computer Systems Engineering Project 21/08/18
CS352 Project Management for Computer Scientists 11/09/18
CS355 Digital Forensics 02/03/20
CS356 Approximation and Randomised Algorithms 27/05/17
CS402 High Performance Computing 16/03/20
CS404 Agent Based Systems 30/08/17
CS407 Group Project 12/09/17
CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory 30/09/19
CS412 Formal Systems Development 07/03/17
CS413 Image and Video Analysis 07/11/19
CS415 Decision Procedures (not running 20/21) 04/09/20
CS416 Optimisation Methods and their Applications 22/08/19
CS419 Quantum Computing 20/09/19
CS904 Computational Biology 23/09/19
CS907 Dissertation Project 25/11/15
CS908 Research Methods 28/10/15
CS909 Data Mining 22/08/19
CS910 Foundations of Data Analytics 22/08/19
CS911 Operational Research and Optimisation (not running 19/20) 22/08/19
CS912 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications 21/08/18
CS913 Dissertation Project 25/11/15
CS915 Advanced Computing Security 28/01/20
CS916 Social Informatics 07/12/15
CS917 Foundations of Computing 30/10/19
CS918 Natural Language Processing 02/10/18