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Professor Christopher Dowson





Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: 76523534
WebLink: Infectious disease

Research Interests

The Infectious Disease Research Group is part of the Controlling Infection theme within the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick but has a wide range of research links with other groups across Warwick and beyond.

The Infectious Disease Research Group is located within a first class research department (grade 5), with extensive facilities for molecular and analytical techniques, recently bolstered by a significant investment from the Regional Development Agency, AWM.

The principal objectives of the group are to characterise the molecular genetic attributes which are responsible for the pathogenic properties and antibiotic resistance of a diverse range of human and animal pathogens, understand the evolution of them and open up novel therapeutic strategies. There are substantial interactions with groups working in Protein Structure (D.I. Roper), Chemistry (T.D.H.Bugg) and Engineering (M Chappell, N. Evans) developing a better understanding of cell wall biosynthesis, using both classical biochemistry and systems biology approaches. We have expanding interests in the development of novel diagnostic tools and point of care devices in collaborations with Micropathology Ltd. the Department of Engineering (J. Gardner, J. Covington, M. Cole) and Sarissa Ltd (N. Dale). We have an ongoing interest in the improvement of and detection of contamination within industrial processes in collaboration with MSL Ltd (C.Dow), and also in developing advanced process control systems through Biotek Ltd. Alongside this we are taking novel approaches to improve the microbial process in next generation anaerobic digesters alongside collaborators in Chemistry (A. Marsh and P. Taylor).


BSc (hons) Applied Biology, Bath University 1982.

PhD Microbiology, Bath University 1988 Web page Citations BACWAN Synthesis facility

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