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About Us

What are our Global Research Priorities?

Our Global Research Priorities (GRPs) unite researchers to tackle pressing global issues.

They create challenge-focused communities, bringing together and supporting researchers from many different disciplines. From energy to health to sustainability, our ten GRPs address some of the planet's biggest challenges.

We have close partnerships with third parties, such as policy makers, charities and industry. We provide seed funding for projects, and facilitate networking opportunities and other research-related events throughout the year.

What are our areas of research?

Our research is focused on three main themes:

  • Food Security
  • Healthy Food
  • Food and Drink Cultures

To discover more about our latest projects, see our research page.

Why food?

The fundamental human need to eat, and to eat well, is a challenge in low-income countries and increasingly, in high-income countries, such as the UK. The problem of how people can eat sustainably, regularly, fairly and well is a complex one and requires expertise from a range of disciplines. Our Food GRP brings together researchers from across the university to tackle this global challenge.

Who is involved?

Members of our academic community are from a wide range of disciplines. Our thematic leads are from the social sciences, sciences and humanities.