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Associated Centres & Groups

Oculus building, University of Warwick
We work closely with a variety of Warwick's research centres. With shared goals and interests, we encourage our members to get involved.
Centre for Education Studies

The centre re-brands education studies as an interdisciplinary, international and innovative research and teaching activity. The centre brings together academics from across Warwick and facilitates truly global projects, from here in the UK, to South Africa, to Turkey.

Centre for the History of Medicine

The centre aims to understand medical ideas, practices and institutions. This includes how medicine works and what ethical and moral questions are involved. This research aims to help with many of the challenges faced by medicine both historically and in contemporary society.

Institute of Advanced Study

Warwick's IAS supports the entire postdoctoral community from early career researchers, to academic colleagues, to international visitors. They provide support and funding to help our researchers develop their academic careers.

Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

The institute runs interdisciplinary modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Warwick.

Institute of Global Sustainable Development

This is a new research initiative at Warwick. Its aim is to bring together disciplines to promote and develop global sustainability goals.

Warwick Crop Centre

This is an internationally recognised centre for research in sustainable agriculture, horticulture and food security.