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Ares Osborn

I'm Ares (they/them), a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Dr Dave Armstrong (2019-2023).

I also completed my MSc by Research (2018-19) in the department under the supervision of Dr Daniel Bayliss.

Research Interests

My PhD project has begun by characterising the TESS Object of Interest TOI-431, a system containing 2 transiting planets and a further RV planet. The discovery paper for this system has now had its first review, and I am working on the comments for resubmission.
The long term goal of the project is to use TESS data to study the overall planet population, particularly to study planet occurrence rate as a function of density and hence composition.

My Master's looked at the planet-metallicity correlation - that is, the correlation between a star's metal content and the probability it hosts a (giant) planet. I looked at this correlation specifically for hot Jupiters, a subset of giant planets that are Jupiter-sized, but with orbits around their host stars of only a matter of days. An increasing number of these have been found by transiting exoplanet surveys (for example: WASP, KELT, HAT and HATS), from which I compiled my sample. My findings were accepted for publication by MNRAS in Nov 2019.


First author:

Osborn, A., Armstrong, D. J. et al. (2020, submitted to MNRAS 30-11-2020, resubmitted 30-05-2021)
🌟 "TOI-431/HIP 26013: a super-Earth and a sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K dwarf, with a third planet candidate"

Osborn, A. and Bayliss, D. (2020, MNRAS)
🌟 "The Planet-Metallicity Correlation for Hot Jupiters" (ADS)

Contributing author:

Hoyer, S. et al. (2021, MNRAS)
⭐ "TOI-220 b: a warm sub-Neptune discovered by TESS" (ADS)

Osborn, H.P. et al. (2021, MNRAS)
⭐ "A hot mini-Neptune in the radius valley orbiting solar analogue HD 110113" (ADS)

Teske, Johanna et al. (2020, submitted to AAS)
⭐ "The Magellan-TESS Survey I: Survey Description and Mid-Survey Results" (ADS)

Armstrong, D. J. et al. (2020, Nature)
⭐ "A remnant planetary core in the hot-Neptune desert" (ADS)

Conferences & Workshops
Date Conference, Location Contribution
Jul 2022 NAM, University of Warwick βœ‹
Aug 2021 TESS Science Conference II, Online ❓
Jul 2021 NAM, Online ❓
Jun 2021 EAS 2021, Online

May 2021 ERES 2021, Online
🎀 Talk: "A new exoplanetary system from TESS: TOI-431, a super-Earth and a sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K dwarf, with a third RV planet."
Apr 2021 UK Exoplanet Community Meeting, Online
🎀 Talk: "TOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K-Dwarf, with an additional RV planet"
Apr 2021 Towards the Comprehensive Characterisation of Exoplanets: Science at the Interface of Multiple Measurement Techniques (STScI Spring Symposium), Online
🎨 Poster: "TOI-431: A Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Transiting a Bright, Early K Dwarf, with an Additional RV Planet"
Feb 2021 STEM, LGBTQ & You 21, Online πŸ™‡‍♂️ [attended]
Jan 2021

LGBTQ+ STEMinar 21, Online (πŸ₯‡ my poster won the 1st place poster prize!)
🎨 Poster: "What is an exoplanet, and how do I find one? A (brief) journey through the history of exoplanet research to today's discoveries."

Nov/Dec 2020 PLATO ESP 2020 (Planetary Interiors and System Architectures), Online πŸ™‡‍♂️
Nov 2020 Exoplanet Demographics Conference, Online πŸ™‡‍♂️
Sep 2020 RAS Early Career Poster Exhibition 2020, Online
🎨 Poster: "TOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K dwarf, with an additional RV planet candidate"
Jul 2020 Exoplanets III, Online
🎨 Poster: "TOI-431: a super-Earth and sub-Neptune transiting a bright, early K dwarf, with an additional RV planet"
Jul 2020 2020 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Virtual Workshop (Extreme Precision Radial Velocities), Online πŸ™‡‍♂️
Feb 2020 STEM, LGBTQ & You 20, Birmingham, UK πŸ™‡‍♂️
Jan 2020 LGBTQ+ STEMinar 20, Birmingham, UK
🎨 Poster: "The Planet-Metallicity Correlation for Hot Jupiter Planets"
Dec 2019 South East Exoplanet Meeting 1, London, UK
🎀 Talk: "The Planet-Metallicity Correlation for Hot Jupiters"
Nov 2019 High Precision Photometry for Exoplanet and Time-Domain Astronomy
(RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting), London, UK
Jun 2019 Standing up for Science, Warwick, UK πŸ™‡‍♂️
Apr 2019 Trailblazing Women in Astronomy, Nottingham, UK πŸ™‡‍♂️
Apr 2019 UK Exoplanet Community Meeting, Imperial College London, UK
🎨 Poster: "The Planet-Metallicity Correlation for Hot Jupiters"
Feb 2019 Building Habitable Worlds, Kent, UK πŸ™‡‍♂️
Dec 2018 Birmingham-Warwick Science Day, Warwick, UK πŸ™‡‍♂️
Academic Interests
πŸͺ Astronomy Outreach

πŸͺ I am an organiser of the departmental Planetarium, which is taken out on outreach visits to local schools.
πŸͺ I gave a talk about my Master's research on the planet-metallicity correlation and being LGBT+ in STEM for the Outthinkers event at the British Science Festival 2019.
πŸͺ I wrote an article on growing potatoes on Mars for the University's Knowledge Centre.

πŸ“’ Physics Department Work

πŸ“’ PGSSLC (Postgraduate Student Staff Liaison Committee) Roles:

πŸ“’ Secretary, Oct 2018-19
πŸ“’ Wellbeing Rep, Oct 2019-20
πŸ“’ Astro Group Rep, Oct 2020-21
πŸ“’ Athena Swan Rep, Oct 2018-21

πŸ“’ I invigilated undergraduate examinations in 2019
πŸ“’ I organised Module Feedback for the Physics undergrad taught modules in the 2019-20 academic year
πŸ“’ I have been part of the consultation process for the University's STEM Grand Challenge

Other Interests
🌈 LGBTQUIA+ and other activism

🌈 I am a Warwick LGBTUA+ Supporter, a organising committee member of the International Society of Non-binary Scientists, and an Astronomer for Planet Earth.
🌈 I have a prepared talk on gender identity, which I have given at departmental and University society seminars.
🌈 I am a founder (and committee lead) of the Equitea seminar series, a monthly forum within the Astronomy group at Warwick to discuss topics related to equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) in relation to Astronomy, Physics and/or STEM as a whole.
🌈 I am a founder of Warwick Inter-Society Announcements (WISA), a service to University of Warwick societies that use Discord with a range of announcements that they can directly subscribe to. Announcements are along the themes of calendar events (religious and activism-related), campaigns, news, SU and Uni events/support/advocacy services, LGBTQUIA+ news and events, and cross-society promotion.

🌈 I have raised £360 for Stonewall through 2 Equali-tea events in my department and through Warwick Tabletop Soc.
🌈 I organised a Trans Awareness Week bake sale for Mermaids, raising £133.70 with Warwick Tabletop Soc.
🌈 I was heavily involved in the organisation and delivery of Tabletop Radio, a 26 hour stream for the 2.6 Challenge from which Warwick Tabletop Soc raised £600 for Stonewall.

🎲 Exec Roles:

🎲 Secretary 2018-19
🎲 Graphic Design 2019-22
🎲 Magic: the Gathering Draft Rep 2019-20
🎲 Communications and Operations 2020-21
🎲 Vice President 2021-22
🎲 ED&I 2021-22

🎲 I am a regular Magic: the Gathering and RPG player, and occasionally DM D&D 5e campaigns/one-shots.

🎨 Art

🎨 I am a digital illustrator, producing fan-art, original illustrations, and commissioned work.
🎨 Art Twitter: @dovahbuttocks


Contact details:

πŸ—ΊοΈ Office: PS0.16b
πŸ“§ Email:
🐦 Twitter: @aresosborn

πŸ–ŠοΈ Write to:
Ares Osborn,
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL