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NAM 2017


This year NAM was held in Hull and I was asked to give a talk in the transient astonomy session. There were a few talks covering a broad area of astronomy. Ranging from supernovae, tidal disruption events (TDEs) , Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs), and (most importantly) searching for Gravitational Wave counterparts.

My talk covered the challenges faced when searching for a gravitational wave counter part and how GOTO is optimised to face them. Emphasis was placed on additional research outside of the search for a counterpart, focussing on potential transient phenomena.

Hull campus is well looked after, and the lecture theatres were also swanky. Looking at the posters I got the chance to learn about SHINE an outreach program combining music, art , and science. Created by Dr.Anne-Marie Weijmans with help from Tim Fitzpatrick; they were showing a wonderful art display demonstrating the use of spectra from the MaNGA galaxies survey.

I also had the pleasure of eating in a lovely little cafe called Caffe Gelato. Highly reccomended, they serve some of the best ice cream I've ever had with a tower of pancakes!

In case you wanted to see the slides I presented.

  NAM presentation (PPSX 49Mb)

  NAM presentation (PDF 2Mb)