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Talks and joint discussion sessions are in room PS.128, on the 1st floor. Lunch and Coffee breaks are served in the common room next to PS.128. Afternoon breakout sessions can use several additional rooms on the ground floor (PS.16B/C, PS.17A, PS.18, PS.19).

[Click on the title links to download a PDF copy of the talks]

Sunday 15th April:

19:00 - 21:00 Welcome reception and registration in the Atrium of University House

Monday 16th April:

Time: Speaker: Title:
9:00-9:15   Welcome
9:15-9:55 P.Groot AM CVn stars overview
9:55-10:35 P.Carter The hidden population of AM CVns in the SDSS
10:35-11:00   COFFEE
11:00-11:40 D.Levitan The Search for Outbursting AM CVns with PTF
11:40-12:20 P.Woudt Ultra-compact binaries in the Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey
12:20-13:00 G.Nelemans Long-term AM CVn evolution and the connection with UCXBs
13:00 -   LUNCH
    Breakout sessions
15:30   COFFEE
16:00-17:00   Joint Discussion (population studies, space densities)

Tuesday 17th April:

Time: Speaker: Title:
9:15-9:55 T.Prince / G.Nelemans AM CVn Systems as Gravitational Wave Sources / eLISA 
9:55-10:35 M.Benacquista Gravitational Wave Detectors
10:35-11:00   COFFEE
11:00-11:40 D.Kaplan Understanding Mass Transfer in Extremely Low Mass WD Binaries
11:40-12:20 T.Marsh Detached double white dwarfs as AM CVn progenitors
12:20-13:00 D.Marcello Simulations of Super-Eddington Dynamical Mass Transfer in Double White Dwarfs
13:00-   LUNCH
    Breakout sessions
15:30   COFFEE
16:00-17:00   DISCUSSION ( double WDs as progenitors and GWR sources)

Wednesday 18th April:

Time: Speaker: Title:
9:15-9:55 S.MacFarlane The He-nova V445 Puppis
9:55-10:35 T.Kupfer GTC observations of ultracompact binaries
10:35-11:00   COFFEE
11:00-11:40 C.Copperwheat Period evolution in AM CVns
11:40-12:20 J.Sepinky Angular Momentum Exchange in Double White Dwarfs Undergoing Direct Impact Mass Transfer
13:00   Afternoon free for social trip to Warwick Castle

Thursday 19th April:

Time: Speaker: Title:
9:15-9:55 D.Steeghs Spectral line diagnostics & MOA source 
9:55-10:35 K.Gehron Spectral modelling of AM CVn stars
10:35-11:00   COFFEE
11:00-11:40 G.Ramsay Outbursts in AM CVn systems
11:40-12:20 I.Kotko AM CVn stars - a source of information about accretion disk physics
12:20-13:00 M.Wood AM CVn Stars and the Two-Source Model for Positive Superhumps
13:00-   LUNCH
    Breakout sessions
15:30   COFFEE
16:00-17:00   DISCUSSION (understanding of current sample)
    DINNER in Kenilworth

Friday 20th April:

Time: Speaker: Title:
9:15-9:55 S.Jeffery White Dwarf Merger Outcomes
9:55-10:35 X.Zhang The merging of double helium white dwarfs
10:35-11:00   COFFEE
11:00-11:40 L.Yungelson Hydrogen-rich ultracompact CV and their cousins
11:40-12:20 E.Breedt Short period Hydrogen-rich CVs - progenitors of AM CVn stars?
12:20-13:00   Summary discussion
13:00   LUNCH