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Mental health

We are conducting numerous studies into the aetiology and treatment of mental health difficulties.


Profiling on-line communities

We are conducting research using big data approaches to profile the users of certain on-line forums (including parenting, self-harm, suicide and eating disorders). These studies will enable the identification of less obvious at-risk groups and inform schools-based early interventions.

Understanding pathological eating behaviours and parent-child interactions

interactionParental obesity is linked to both obesity and eating disorders among their children. We are working with UHCW on a project to understand the food- and mealtime-interactions that occur between children and their clinically obese parents.

We are also just starting a project to use machine learning techniques to analyse videos of parent-child eating interactions among both community and eating disorder groups. We will be applying for EPSRC funding for this work.


Improving access to mental health care in India

In collaboration with WMS, we are working towards bringing early intervention, using community-based and digital programmes, across deprived communities in India.