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Quantitative and Analytical Political Economy Research Centre

QAPEC provides a framework to coordinate collaborative research in quantitative and analytical political economy within the University of Warwick as well as with the Centre’s UK and international networks and partners (PolEconUK, EPEC, PSPE-LSE, QAPS at Princeton), through the organisation of informal meetings, research seminars and international conferences.

QAPEC provides a context to pursue research excellence in quantitative and analytical political economy combined with impactful and interdisciplinary collaborations. QAPEC is a founding member of the UK consortium of researchers in quantitative and analytical political economy (PolEconUK), of the European Political Economy Consortium (EPEC), and a partner of the Quantitative and Analytical Political Science program at Princeton University (QAPS), and the Political Science and Political Economy group at the London School of Economics.

Specifically. QAPEC aims to:

  • Further establish our international reputation for research excellence and impact in quantitative and analytical political economy.
  • Engage with the research community in quantitative and analytical political economy within and beyond the university, with the objectives of enhancing exposure and dissemination of research.
  • Supporting collaborations with UK and international research networks and partners (PolEconUK, EPEC, QAPS), to engage with research questions and challenges in quantitative and analytical political economy, and to increase chances of raising research income.
  • Provide a positive and supportive work ethos, training, environment to promote personal development and opportunity for all members of the centre.
  • Organise weekly seminars, regular workshops and conferences in the field of quantitative and analytical political economy – interdisciplinary events which bring together economists, political scientists and academics in related disciplines.


QAPEC Director / QAPEC Administration

Francesco Squintani


Ben Lockwood

Management Committee

Helios Herrera

Management Committee

Mirko Draca

Management Committee

Sharun Mukand

Management Committee

Fetzer Thiemo

Management Committee

Michela Redoano

Management Committee

Vincenzo Bove

Management Committee

Francesco Squintani

Management Committee

QAPEC Resident Fellows

Dan Bernhardt University of Warwick
Sonia Bhalotra University of Warwick
Vicenzo Bove University of Warwick
Jessica Di Salvatore University of Warwick
Mirko Draca University of Warwick
Thiemo Fetzer University of Warwick
Andrea Gamba University of Warwick
Peter Hammond University of Warwick
Helios Herrera University of Warwick
Sinem Hidir University of Warwick
Andreas Isoni University of Warwick
Arzu Kibris University of Warwick
Ben Lockwood University of Warwick
Sushil Mathew University of Warwick
Omer Moav University of Warwick
Sharun Mukand University of Warwick
Andreas Murr University of Warwick
Kirill Pogorelskiy University of Warwick
Debraj Ray University of Warwick
Michela Redoano University of Warwick
Claudia Rei University of Warwick
Daniel Sgroi University of Warwick
David Skeie University of Warwick
Andreas Stegmann University of Warwick
Christian Soegaard University of Warwick

QAPEC Associate Fellows

Eleanora Alabrese University of Bath  
Enriqueta Aragones Institut d'Analisi Economica, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona  
Marco Battaglini Cornell University, Economics Department  
Renee Bowen, UCSD, Economics Department  
Alessandra Casella Columbia University, Economics Department  
Torun Dewan London School of Economics, Department of Government  
Oeindrila Dube University of Chicago, Harris School of Policy  
John Duggan University of Rochester, Political Science Department  
Dana Foarta Stanford University, Graduate School of Business  
Sean Gailmard Berkeley University, Political Science Department  
Paola Giuliano UCLA, Anderson School of Business  
Nathaniel Lane University of Oxford  
Adam Meirowitz Yale University, Political Science Department  
Massimo Morelli Universita' Bocconi, Social and Political Science Department  
David Myatt London Business School  
Thomas Palfrey Caltech, Humanities and Social Sciences Division  
John Patty Emory University, Political Science Department  
Maggie Penn Emory University, Political Science Department  
Maria Petrova Institute for Political Economy and Governance, Universitat Pompeu Fabra  
Andrea Prat Columbia University Business School  
Ronny Razin London School of Economics, Economics Department  
Alessandro Riboni Ecole Polytechnique, Economics Department  
Shanker Satyanath New York University, Political Science Department  
Ken Shotts Stanford University, Graduate School of Business  
Erik Snowberg University of Utah, Eccles School of Business  
Milan Svolik Yale, Political Science Department  
Stephane Wolton London School of Economics, Department of Government  

QAPEC Junior Research Fellows

Margot Belguise University of Warwick
Christopher Burnitt University of Warwick
Gianni Marciante University of Warwick
Sushil Mathew Imperial college
Hyungmin Park University of Warwick
Ivan Yotzov University of Warwick

QAPEC Research Fellows

Eleonora Alabrese University of Bath
Apurav Yash Bhatiya University of Birmingham
Peter Buisseret Harvard University, Government Department
Paola Conconi University of Oxford
Amrita Dhillon Kings College, London
Niall Hughes King's College London
Federica Liberini Queen Mary University of London
Konstantinos Matakos King's College London
Sushil Mathew Imperial College London
Dimitri Migrow University of Edinburgh
Arianna Ornaghi Hertie School, Berlin
Christopher Roth University of Cologne
Antonio Russo Loughborough University, School of Business and Economics
Antonio Schiavone University of Bologna
Federico Trombetta Catholic University of Milan
Song Yuan Zhejiang University

Upcoming & Past Visitors

Visitor Institution Date
Upcoming Visitors

Jon X. Eguia

Michigan State University. 28 April - 7 May 2024
Past Visitors
Paola Conconi University of Oxford 10th - 12th Oct 2023
Francesco Trebbi University of California 23rd - 24th May 2023
Maria Titova Vanderbilt University 15th - 20th May 2023
Santiago Oliveros University of Bristol 6th - 10th March 2023
Anja Prummer Queen Mary University London 5th - 7th June 2022
Valeria Rueda University of Nottingham 23rd - 27th May 2022
Arjadha Bardhi Duke University 18th - 20th May 2022
Shaoting Pi University of Utah 16th - 20th May 2022


QAPEC organises the annual CEPR Conference in Political Economy, jointly with the QAPS group of Princeton University and with Eccles School of Business of the University of Utah. The conference, held at the University of Warwick in Venice venue, brings together the top theoretical and empirical economists and political scientists across Europe and North America. The conference builds on the experience of the previous successful meetings organized annually since 2013.

QAPEC runs a weekly seminar series at the University of Warwick main campus, jointly organized with the PSPE group at the London School of Economics. QAPEC participates in the organization of the bi-weekly PolEconUK webinar series. In these seminar series, international speakers present their work in quantitative and analytical political economy, and interact with the QAPEC group of academics.

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Thu 23 May, '24
PEPE Seminar - Saumitra Jha (Stanford GSB)

Title: Political Trenches: War, Partisanship, and Polarization (with Pauline Grosjean, Michael Vlassopoulos and Yves Zenou)

Abstract: We show how local segregation and exposure to partisans affect political behavior and polarization, and contribute to critical ideological realignment. We exploit large-scale, exogenous and high-stakes peer assignment due to universal conscription of soldiers assigned from each of 34,947 French municipalities to infantry regiments during WWI. Soldiers from poor, rural municipalities, where the redistributive message of socialism had yet to penetrate, vote more for the left after the war when exposed to left-wing partisans within their regiment, even while neighboring municipalities assigned to right-wing partisans become inoculated against the left. We provide evidence that these differences reflect the combination of persuasive information and material incentives rather than pure conformity. These differences further lead to the emergence of sharp and enduring post-war discontinuities across regimental boundaries that are reflected, not only in divergent voting patterns, but also in violent civil conflicts between Collaborators and the Resistance during WWII.


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Our Networks and Partners

LSE - Political Science and Political Economy (PSPE)

The Political Science and Political Economy (PSPE) research group at the LSE brings together faculty and PhD students who do quantitative and/or formal research on political institutions, political behaviour, public policy, and political economy.

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Princeton- Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (QAPS)

The QAPS program was established in 2009 to support theoretical and quantitative research in political science and its dissemination. The program supports graduate students through QAPS fellowships, hosts host post-doctoral research fellows, organises quantitative skills workshops and conferences.

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The European Political Economy Consortium fosters high-quality research in political economy by facilitating exchange among the leading European centres in political economy. It consists of five founding institutions, including Warwick.

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The Political Economy UK Group is a network of institutions, economists and political scientists working in political economy. We host an annual Conference in the Spring/ Summer organised by one of the member institutions. Our objective is to disseminate and share research in political economy conducted in the United Kingdom.

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Past Events

CEPR/Warwick/Princeton/Utah Annual Conference
CEPR/Warwick/Princeton/Utah Political Economy Conference 2020
Warwick/Princeton/Utah Political Economy Conference 2019
Warwick/Princeton/Utah Political Economy Conference 2018
Warwick/Princeton/Utah Political Economy Conference 2017
Warwick/Princeton Political Economy Conference 2016
Warwick/Princeton Political Economy Conference 2015
Warwick/Princeton Political Economy Conference 2014
Second Warwick Political Economy Workshop 2013
First Warwick Political Economy Workshop 2012