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Platformisation of work

In collaboration with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), Dr Sally Wright co-authored a report on platformisation of work in Europe.

The new report provides a first approximation to the emerging phenomenon of platformisation of work, with an empirical analysis of data from the new JRC Algorithmic Management and Platform Work survey (AMPWork) in Spain and Germany.

The study focusses on three key elements of platforms: digital devices used at work, the digital monitoring of work, and the use of algorithms for work organisation. The implications of these new forms of work for work organisation and working conditions are also discussed.

The findings show that a small but significant proportion of workers in the two countries analysed are subject to digital monitoring and algorithmic management systems at work to some degree. A smaller but not marginal proportion of the working age population get their main income from providing labour services through Digital Labour Platforms. And another sizeable proportion of the working age population spend a significant amount of time producing unpaid content for sharing platforms outside their family and close friends.

Tue 04 Apr 2023, 09:02 | Tags: platform work