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IER welcomes Professor Philip Taylor

Philip TaylorPhilip Taylor joined IER this September. A psychologist and social gerontologist by background Philip uses mixed methods to understand issues of workforce ageing.

Philip’s research focuses on developments in public policies targeting longer working lives, older workers' orientations to work and retirement and employer attitudes and practices towards older workers, in an international context.

Fri 29 Sep 2023, 09:05 | Tags: ageing, older workers

Early Lessons and Promising Workforce Practices from COVID-19

Phillip Taylor, Professor of Management at Federation University Australia and Honorary Professor at IER, talked about the 'Early Lessons and Promising Workforce Practices from COVID-19' at a webinar hosted by the AARP, the World Economic Forum and the OECD. The webinar is part of their Living, Learning & Earning Longer series. Listen to the recording here.

Wed 18 Nov 2020, 09:46 | Tags: older workers, Covid-19

We’re all in this together: Strategies for achieving employee retention during COVID-19 - blog by Professor Philip Taylor*

During these turbulent economic times, employers have to make many difficult decisions. They are considering the sustainability of present staffing levels while also thinking ahead to when the economy starts to pick up again. Against a backdrop of significant economic uncertainty and immense pressure from stakeholders, it is important that any important decisions made about whether to invest in or let go of staff are informed by the best available evidence.

This blog explores five aspects for employers to consider with regard to the employment of older workers, and closes with a call to action for employers.

Tue 20 Oct 2020, 14:10 | Tags: !Blog older workers Covid-19

Workshop on workforce ageing

IAS logoAs part of his second IAS funded visit IER visit, Professor Philip Taylor, Federation University Australia, will give a workshop on Challenges of the contrarian: Lessons from studies on workforce ageing. It will be held on 14 March, 12.30 - 13.30 in room B0.41/43, ground floor, Social Sciences building. Although primarily targeted at early career scholars and researchers across the University, it is also open to anyone with an interest in the topic.

If you are interested in attending this free event please contact Lynne Marston at by Tuesday, 12 March 4pm for the sandwich order.

Wed 06 Mar 2019, 09:50 | Tags: older workers

Forthcoming seminar 'Prolonging working life through ICT: the role of crowdsourcing'

IER is hosting an EPSRC funded Balance Network seminar on'Prolonging working life through ICT: the role of crowdsourcing'. The one day seminar will explore how crowdsourcing has changed the boundary between work and home, enabling older people to remain part of the labour force and perhaps achieve a new work-life balance. The interactive seminar will be held on 3 March at the University of Warwick. Click here to register your interest.

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