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i~work was a preparatory network funded under the New Dynamics of Ageing programme. The network is no longer active, and these webpages are being retained for reference purposes only.


Welcome to i~work. We’re an innovative community of research scientists and industry partners committed to Inclusive Working practices which support better and longer working lives.

Ageing populations are one of the greatest challenges facing Governments and industry. We need to respond with fresh and bold approaches to the design of work and work places.

These new approaches must deliver real business benefits to the economy. They must also maximise the talents and skills of people no matter what their age.

We are interested in working arrangements, practices and cultures, as well as in tools, systems, products and spaces. This means office furniture and lighting; career and training structures; and flexible working time arrangements.

For us, it’s whatever it takes to offer a more inclusive working environment, fit for a mobile, flexible, skilled and ageing workforce.