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Migration and construction in the UK June 2021

This is the fourth in a series of research projects conducted in partnership with IFF Research Ltd and Professor Anne Green (of City-REDI, University of Birmingham) on behalf of the Construction Industry Training Board, which has an ongoing requirement to understand trends in international migration of workers in the construction sector. This project considers the impact of international migration in 2020.

The IER is responsible for the quantitative element of the research. This is based upon the quarterly data sets from the ONS Labour Force Survey for 2020. The analysis undertaken in previous years is updated and the time-series analysis of trends in migration from 2007 extended to 2020. The report compares the construction sector with other sectrors with a high relianc eon international migrant labour. The analysis of official migration data is not included, because some of these data sets were suspended.

Project Team:

Dr David Owen (Principal Investigator)

Project Duration:

June 2021 to September 2021

Project Funder: