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Responding to Metropolitan Combined Authorities´ skills and employment needs post Covid

The UK and other governments internationally want to build back better work following the Covid pandemic. Along with Leeds University, IER hosts ReWAGE, an independent expert advisory group modelled on SAGE, which supports the government’s strategic response to the recovery and renewal of work and employment in the UK as it tackles the impact of Covid-19. Core funding is provided by the ESRC. Much of the policy innovation around skills and employment is found within devolved government.

With funding provided by the Policy Support Fund of Warwick University, a project has been established to evaluate the different employment charters across the English Metropolitan Combined Authorities (MCAs). The work is led by Peter Dickinson of IER and includes a number of MCAs plus ACAS. The work will be completed in late spring 2022.

The fund is administered by Warwick University’s Research & Impact Services.