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Cascot: Computer Assisted Structured COding Tool

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The application requires an up-to-date version of Java, version 1.8 or above.
If you have Java enabled you should see a box telling you if your Java is Ok.

Java not working or turned off

If you do not see a box, you either do not have Java or do not have it enabled.

For the latest Java from Sun (Oracle) you can choose to start install or go to the Sun (Oracle) Java website.

Classification Selection

To minimise the size of the application you must select which classification you are interested in.

SOC 2010 SIC 2007 SOC2000

The application size is approx 1Mb. Please be patient.
Download times on broadband should be a matter of seconds.
Once the application is downloaded there is a delay during startup whilst the classification is processed.
On a slow machine the startup delay can be up to a minute.

Due to tightened Java security settings you may need to allow the application to run on your computer, or may need to apply this workaround:

- Start Java Control Panel

- Add the URL of this web page to the Exception Site list in Java Control Panel Security tab.

If you are using Google Chrome please try with another web browser.

If you have trouble or require additional help please contact IER.