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Cascot: Computer Assisted Structured COding Tool

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A stand-alone version of Cascot has been developed for use with high volumes of data. It can be used by typing in each piece of text that is to be coded. Alternatively it can operate by reading records from an input file and writing resulting codes, scores, etc. to a separate output file optionally with the input data or components thereof.

A Powerpoint presentation showing the advanced features of this desktop version is available. Download the presentation. Another presentation using SOC2010.

It supports three modes of operation.

No automation:
Each piece of text is coded individually. The results are displayed to the user who must accept or change the result before moving on to the next piece of text. The text may be typed in or read from a file.

Fully automatic:
The entire input file is read and processed into an output file. A certainty score threshold is set below which no code is assigned to the input text.

A certainty score threshold is set above which the input file is processed automatically but below which the user is prompted for a decision.


You can run the stand-alone version of Cascot also as a command line executable. The executable can be invoked from the command line with various options. To start, run from the command line

clcascot.exe -h
cascot.exe -h


To purchase the stand-alone version of Cascot please fill in a purchase order form.

If you are interested in Cascot API please contact IER.

Cascot Editor

With Cascot Editor users can create and modify their own classifications for Cascot. Editor is included in the desktop version on request. Please note that the use of Editor is not supported. A presentation of Cascot Editor is available.