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PhD Students

We supervise PhD research in Empirical Macroeconomics, Econometrics and Forecasting. All students below are part of the WBS PhD programme in Finance and Econometrics. We are currently accepting new PhD students via the MRes/PhD Finance and Economics. We provide students with support to develop their individual research skills and pursue academic and research positions in economic institutions. Our current and past students (including placement) are listed below.

Current Students:

  • Andrea De Polis 

    • Supervisors: Prof. Ana Galvao and Dr Ivan Petrella.
    • Project title: 'Financial Asymmetries in Volatility Models'
  • Francesco Saverio Gaudio
    • Supervisors: Dr Ivan Petrella and Prof. Shaun Vahey
    • Project title: 'Labour Market Frictions, Imperfect Rationality and Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy'
  • Giulia Mantoan
    • Supervisors Prof. Ana Galvao and Prof. James Mitchell
    • Project title: 'Bayesian combination and calibration of Density Forecasts'
  • Luis Hernandes Roman
    • Supervisors: Prof. Ana Galvao and Dr. Ivan Petrella
    • Project Title: 'Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics'
  • Ahdieh Shahini
    • Supervisors: Prof. Anthony Garratt and Dr. Ivan Petrella
    • Project Title: 'Currency Optimal Portfolios'

Past Students:

Danilo Cascaldi Garcia
Supervisors: Dr Ana Galvao and Professor Anthony Garratt.
Project title: 'Empirical Evaluation of News and Uncertainty Shocks as Sources of Business Cycles'

Graduated in July 2018. Placement: Board of Governors, Federal Reserve Bank, Washington.

Yunyi Zhang 

Supervisors: Professor Anthony Garratt and Prof. Shaun Vahey

Project title: 'Proposal for measuring and evaluating uncertainty behind density forecasts"

Graduate in November 2019. Placement: Post-doc at Sun Yet-Sen University, Guangzhou.

Anastasia Allayioti

Supervisors: Professor Shaun Vahey and Professor Anthony Garratt.

Project title: 'Essays in Density Forecasting'

Graduated in March 2021. Placement: Post-doc at Kings College Business School.

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